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Author Topic: Battle for Tikonov - 06/22/19 @ 2:30pm in Lansing/Holt, Michigan  (Read 921 times)


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Hi Folks,

This Saturday, I'll be running 'Battle for Tikonov'.

"Near the end of the FedCom civil war, Victor and his forces had left Tikonov with a small garrison force of regular soldiers and militia troops. Not willing to let this opportunity pass by, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao dispatched one of his warrior houses, Dai Da Chi, to reclaim the planet for the Capellan Confederation. Finding themselves outnumbered and outgunned by a regiment of fanatical soldiers, the Davion forces begrudgingly withdrew from Tikonov. Dropsites became killing zones as the Davion soldiers threw themselves recklessly against the Capellan troops in order to buy time for  the dropships to be loaded with the wounded and non-combatants. Once the dropships had lifted off, the FedCom survivors would sprint to the next dropsite, either to hold off the Capellans once again or hopefully board a dropship themselves and evacuate the planet."

This scenario will be played using Alpha Strike rules and hexmaps. So if you've never played BattleTech's newest ruleset for fast-paced, larger scale games and you would like to learn, I'll be running a short primer on the Alpha Strike ruleset before the game. I plan to run this game as more of a 'relaxed' format where everyone can feel free to interrupt the game, ask questions, and reference the rulebooks. Alpha Strike games usually go pretty quickly once everyone knows the rules so we'll have more than enough time to go over rules & errata, talk about differences between the Total War and Alpha Strike rulesets, and discuss how the rules-lite nature of Alpha Strike affects strategies. This game will be played using the Standard level rules (with a few Advanced rules) and will have 'Mechs, vehicles, and minefields. So if you have the Alpha Strike rulebook and the Alpha Strike: Companion, feel free to brush up on those sections before the game.

Game starts at 2:30p.m. at AFK Games in Holt, just South of the I-96 and Cedar Street overpass.

AFK Games is located at 2495 Cedar Street, suite 13-B in Holt, Michigan 48842. It's in the shopping center right behind the Krogers on the West side of Cedar Street. However, you can always find the address for AFK Games on along with the gaming schedule for the rest of the month.

Hope to see you there,
Charles "IronSphinx" Wilson (CDT #66)
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