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Author Topic: "Combo Platter" - Oct 26, Tempe AZ  (Read 1538 times)


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"Combo Platter" - Oct 26, Tempe AZ
« on: 14 October 2019, 16:28:26 »
Mission Synopsis:  A good commander knows how to use units with a variety of strengths and weaknesses; do you have what it takes?

Date & Time:  Saturday, October 26th at Game Depot AZ. We are scheduled to start at 1:00pm; last round will be called at about 6:00pm.

    Unit selection: Miniatures & record sheets for pre-made forces will be provided, but players are encouraged to bring their own forces, created in accordance with the rules below. 
    Choose three to six units:
        At least one mech.
        At least one (non-aerospace) vehicle
        At least one infantry unit (conventional or battle armor)
    The total BV for your force (including modifiers for skills) cannot exceed 7000 BV
    Standard tech units only (as defined by the Master Unit List).
    If you use Clan units, your entire force must be Clan units (though there are no other faction restrictions).
    Gunnery and Piloting/Driving/AntiMech skills cannot differ by more than 2. (Units with no second skill are treated as if that second skill were a 5.)

Terrain and setup description: The GM will set up several maps using 2x2 arrays of map sheets. Expect the usual mix of hills, forest, and open terrain, with minimal urban areas. Each pair of players will get their own map, space permitting. (With large turnout we'll drop some down to 2 mapsheets or see if some people want to play 2v2.) Roll off at the start of the game; high roll gets to choose home edge, and the low roll wins initiative on the first two rounds.
Victory Conditions: The winner is the player with the most BV remaining on the map.
Special Rules: With a few exceptions, only Total Warfare rules will be used.

    There is no “edge of the world.” If a mech is up against a map edge, the three hexes that would be surrounding the mech off the board are now legal hexes for movement; occupying any of those hexes opens up more hexes, etc.
    The following rules from Tactical Operations will be used: Floating Crits, Sprinting, Evading, Crawling, Careful Stand, Firing When Down, ECCM, Expanded Backward Movement, Gauss Shut Off, Retractable Blades.