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Author Topic: Diminishing Returns - 11/30/19 @ 2:30pm in Lansing/Holt, Michigan  (Read 434 times)


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On Saturday, November 30th, I'll be running "Diminishing Returns", one of the scenarios that was rewarded to people that supported the Clan Boxed Set Kickstarter campaign.

"The three and a half decades of the Second Succession War saw a critical shift in the way the Successor States wages war, one which set the tone for the ensuing 150 years. As each House Lord came to the realization that they had nowhere near the might and resources necessary to destroy even a single opponent, let along four, they instead settled for diminishing their rival' ability to destroy them while protecting their own resources."

This is an interesting scenario, it's not your usual "Nuke 'em, Rico!" game. Study up on your 'forced withdrawal' rules and be ready to keep track of your kills, destroyed locations, and critical hits as the latter will be relevant to scoring.

This scenario will be played with Total War rules and use miniatures and maps from the Game of Armored Combat boxed set. So if you're on the fence about buying the new boxed set, you'll have the opportunity to see what these components look like beforehand.

Game starts at 2:30 p.m. at AFK Games in Holt (Lansing).

Hope to see you there. :)
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