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Author Topic: Family Jewels - 03/16/19 @ 2:30pm in Lansing/Holt, Michigan  (Read 1614 times)


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Hi Folks,

This Saturday, I'll be running 'Family Jewels'.

"Not a planet of much strategic importance, but one of immense symbolic value. Part of that value was a large collection of heirlooms and priceless artifacts stored on the Liao family estate in the countryside. Once it became apparent that House LuSann could not stop the Blue Star Irregulars, Capellan forces ordered these treasures evacuated. However, the Irregulars moved faster than expected and dispatched a lance to intercept the transport before it could get off planet."

This scenario will be played using Total War rules and hexmaps.

Game starts at 2:30p.m. at AFK Games in Holt, just South of the I-96 and Cedar Street overpass.

AFK Games is located at 2495 Cedar Street, suite 13-B in Holt, Michigan 48842. It's in the shopping center right behind the Krogers on the West side of Cedar Street. However, you can always find the address for AFK Games on along with the gaming schedule for the rest of the month.

Hope to see you there,
Charles "IronSphinx" Wilson (CDT #66)
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