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Author Topic: Grinder At Home for Friends  (Read 1365 times)


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Grinder At Home for Friends
« on: 07 August 2022, 00:00:58 »
I wanted to run the Grinder for 8 of my friends who are getting together.  I wanted to reintroduce Battletech and I thought the Grinder would be a great simple way to do that.  Is there a download of the player card? 

I am aware of this site, but there is so much not there.  Example of mechs for each of the colors would be helpful.  I understand the mech weight class, technology in the mech and BV will all weight on if it is a purple or red but additional information here would be helpful.

I played at GenCon and loved the deck of cards for initiative, that seemed simple enough.  The dice, white for walk, black for run, and red for jump.  I have used other callers but since it was on the reference card it looks like that is the new standard. I was using other colors.  The link was helpful but there is a lot of information missing which could help people use this to introduce others.  Everyone who plays could use the Grinder to introduce others to Battletech.  It would help if this was further fleshed out and information openly shared with the community.   I would not have had fun without the amazing Catalyst crew who put on great Battletech games at GenCon.  Every Battletech player can be an ambassador to Battletech so perhaps the Demo team can share more of their infinite wisdom or pass onto the Catalyst team to allow you to share the information. 

Thanks in advance.
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