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Author Topic: Gencon 2018 - Leadership Thank You  (Read 2059 times)


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Gencon 2018 - Leadership Thank You
« on: 06 August 2018, 07:25:01 »
Gencon 2018 is in the bag and I wanted to take a minute to say Thank You to the CDT leadership team. I know we have no idea how much time and effort you guys put in but I wanted to let you know that I (we) appreciate it. I would list names here but I think there would be too many and I know I would miss someone.

So to the entire Leadership Team (and fellow agents) Thank You for a great convention!  :thumbsup:

Also wanted to share this. I was on my way back to the booth to pick up a Valkyrie and I ran across this. This picture made my convention this year.
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