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Author Topic: Hotlead 2020 - Stratford, ON, Canada - March 21  (Read 1554 times)


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Hotlead 2020 - Stratford, ON, Canada - March 21
« on: 19 January 2020, 09:03:07 » Gaming Convention

When:  March 21, 2020
Where: Best Western Plus The Arden Park, 552 Ontario St, Stratford, ON Canada
9:30am - Battletech Grinder
2pm - Battletech Scenario
7pm - Battletech King of the Hill

Hosted by Demo Agents #455, #902

Lissan Fields
Caripare, Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone
29 June 3059

The Nova Cat halves of Avon and Caripare had been taken during the first wave, and now SLDF forces and Nova Cat Clusters used the Nova Cat-controlled areas as staging bases from which to hit Jaguar forces on those worlds. During the second wave of BULLDOG, the newly renamed First Star League Nova Cat Guards and Fifth Star League Regulars joined the First Shin Legion, Seventy-Ninth Division, First Fusiliers of Oriente, First St. Ives Lancers and Second An Ting Legion in attacking the Second Jaguar Guards and the Smoke Jaguar enclave on Caripare.

Play out the following scenario as members of the attacking First Star League Nova Cat Guards or the defending Second Jaguar Guards.

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