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Author Topic: OP Golden Dawn game 3 Brute Force 10-5-13 noon Atomic Empire Durham NC  (Read 1274 times)


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The Iron Guard stages a deep raid into the Republic Headquarters section.

Special Rules
250wp Destroy Headquarters building
Mayhem destroy power generation plant 250wp
Hammer destroy only 4 enemy units 300wp
Crushing Blow destroy more than 4 units +50 per unit
Marskman (50wp)and Commander (50wp) are in effect. Loss of commander results in a -1 initiative.
Turret destruction is 75wp each
Saving each building gets the RAF an equal number Warchest Points

Building rules
HQ has 65cf heavy type level 1
Power plant has 65cf heavy type level 1
2 Turrets 80cf 80armor level 3

All Republic forces set up near middle of playing area
All FWL forces setup on the North side
HQ and Power plant set up 5 hexes from South side
Turrents can be no more than 10 hexes from the HQ building
12 units of a max 21,200 bv2 will be used
Turns will be by lance
semi guided and precision ammo and alternate ammo available 50sp per ton only used this game.


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Rounds one and two consisted of moving the FWL forces through open coverless terrain. The FWL C3I demi lance was chewed up and lost a Thug on the second round. The Assault tanks of the RAF troops surged ahead and became immobile on round three clogging up the middle of the playing field with their massive AC/20’s. Return fire from the Leaguers caused the RAF Mechs to scatter and flank the House Marik Assault lance on turn 4-5. Finally several speedy FWL units (Red Shift, J Edgar, OTL-8M) broke through the seeming impossible blockade to destroy the RAF Power Plant. Just prior to this action a saboteur deactivated the 2 defensive turrets guarding the Regimental Headquarters and local powerplant. The FWL Titan II was destroyed by combined fire as it languished in the flat killing fields due to its slow speed.
   Rounds 6 & 7 saw the destruction of the RAF HQ building by an Icarus, Cicada, and Red Shift. Tag was used to great effect with the ANV-8M raining down Arrow IV homing missiles the entire game(one time a missile did explode upon launch) adding to the overall destruction greatly. I very lucky ER Medium laser struck the RAF Atlas in round six damaging the gyro and causing the big mech to fall (basically knocking it out of the game. In the final round the 2 immobile assault tanks died along with a defensive turret. In all the FWL forces came away with a hard fought victory. 
   This was one of the most widely dispersed game I’ve ever played Mechs were at all corners of the huge 4x6 ft mat. Everyone played a hard fought game.