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Author Topic: Outlaws v Clan Wolf Campaign game 1 9/5/12 noon Atomic Empire NC  (Read 1025 times)


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The Edge March 3050 Plains of Tornetrask
 The Outlaws intended this first battle to be against Organized Pirates instead they found themselves fighting for there lives.

Hold the line do not allow more 7 Clan Mechs to overrun (1200sp)
Destroy the Invaders 300 sp per Mech 180 sp per Battle Armor point
Honor level 1 for the Clan troops on this mission
Honor levels will change according to player interaction.
Set up
Each PC bring 6 Mechs (These Mechs will not be used in the next game)
Clan Forces Binary with Battle Armor Support
Turns will be by 6IS, 5Clan
Clan forces begin at the short end 4 inches from the edge
Outlaws begin no more than 30 inches from opposite edge
Cross over point is 12 inches from the Mercenary side
Terrain will be wooded with rivers