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Author Topic: Requiem for a Blue Star, Gravesend, Kent, Saturday 26th October  (Read 976 times)


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Join us for this 2019 World wide BattleTech Event.

All sheets will be provided.

If you have any miniatures in the roster where I have under the Proxy Column left it blank then let me know! (Otherwise we will proxy).  The ones that say Not Req. I can bring.

We are looking for 6-12 players.  Players will be split into two teams, and the ‘mech split between people.

Extra rules will be summarised on a crib sheet.

Please bring:

Quick Ref Cards
Also looking for someone to bring a Grasslands Map pack (for extra rivers)

Facebook Event:

Full senario details at:

Intro briefing from 10:30.  Dice will roll at 11:00


Buffalo Meadows, Draconis Reach 18 March 3150

After 200 years of being lost to the Inner Sphere the remains of 295th BattleMech Division was discovered in 3021. The fate of a lost Star League division could be penciled in. But for ComStar this was not welcome news. The division was only a few jumps beyond the Inner Sphere, too far to bring the equipment back covertly, but close enough to the Lyran Commonwealth and especially the Draconis Combine to be a potential source for them. So ComStar hid them and for 130 years that secret remained just that.

But people talk and secrets leak. In 3150 a descendent of the original discoverer came across information pointing to the source. Seeing this as his ticket to the good life this descendent sold the information to a single bidder. But people talk and secrets leak. Soon enough word reached the Republic who had no interest in those ’Mechs reaching the hands of the people trying to take Terra. And so a race began to get to Buffalo Meadows and gain control of the remains of the 295th.

La Grande Armée made planetfall the same time Bartlett’s Boxers jumped in system. With their two day head start La Grande Armée rushed to prepare defenses and get as many of the Star League ’Mechs online, either to escape with or to use to defend the rest of the 295th’s facility. La Grande Armée drew their first defenses at a river to the east of the facility. There, the conclusion of that race now passes to the hands of the Demo Team.