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Author Topic: Revenge of the Kell Hounds- Black Knight Games - Hamilton, Ontario - April 13th  (Read 1533 times)


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Black Knight Games
868 Mohawk Road East
Hamilton, Ontario L8T 2R5

Sunday April 13th
12pm - 5pm

Revenge of the Kell Hounds

Lyran Commonwealth
1 November 3143

On 15 August 3142 most of Kell Hounds regiment was annihilated by Jade Falcons on Timkovichi by orbital bombardment.  Beginning in November 3143, a small unit began assaulting the Falcons’ OZ. They learned that the unit in question was calling itself the Kell Hounds; the assumption was that the Hounds had died on Timkovichi. These Hounds made fools of the Falcon and Horses garrisons all throughout the occupied territory time and time again. What took the Clanners a while to figure out was that this unit—which they had almost written off as pretenders using the Kell Hounds name for psychological purposes—was made up of retired Hounds brought back into action, new recruits, and the few survivors, all under the command of Callandre Kell, niece of the last Hounds commander, Evan Kell. The destruction of the Kell family mercenary unit had driven Callandre to extremes of grief, and she was determined to make the Falcons pay.

Everything will be provided. Just come out an play!
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