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Author Topic: Rock around the Christmas trees 2019  (Read 491 times)

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Rock around the Christmas trees 2019
« on: 15 November 2019, 10:43:14 »
Hello Mechjockeyes

Please find attached a small Szenario from one Battletech Club in Germany. I would like to giv you the possibilitiy to play it and have translate it with the help of a quite popluar tool.

Rock around the Christmas trees 2019

What is it about?
It's just before Christmas. The Oberschurke and his six Minions are in their final preparations for the holidays. But what is it? Another chief villain appears and claims he is the only true thug. An insult which the Oberschurke of course can not sit on.

The event starts on 01.11.2019 and ends on 16.12.2018
The armed forces
Both players have the same lineup. This is the upper rogue with 6 minions each
The playing field
The playing field is the card "Christmas2019" size 33 * 35
game score
The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible. This is done by collecting Christmas balls, which are obtained by turning off enemy units. But beware: the loss of your own units means Christmas balls for your opponent. And the score is calculated from the sum of all the Christmas balls.

event Evaluation
Each player must rock at least 3 times around the Christmas tree (so 3 times the scenario) to enter the rating. He is allowed to play it more often. How often he plays against the same player is irrelevant.
The places occupied by the players are determined in a table. For this purpose, the average of the points from all games of the player is formed. The player with the highest average score occupies first place, while the player with the second highest place occupies second place.

The event "Rock around the Christmas trees" is TT's big event. It is not tied to a specific timeline. Everyone can play, of course, the special participation gift (if we get one organized) is reserved exclusively for TT members.

The armed forces
Both players have the same lineup.
Der Oberschurke Evil Santa >> Charger-1A1 (2/3)

and his six minions:
1. Stuart  >> Shadowhawk SHD-2D (2/4)
2. Jack  >> Clint CLNT-1-2R (2/4)
3. Kevin  >> Derwisch DV-6Md (3/4)
4. Hank  >> Stormraider STM-R1 (3/4)
5. Will  >> Lobo (5/4)
6. Bob  >> Firefly C (5/4)

The playing field

The playing field is the card "Christmas2019". To select this card in MM, the field size must be set to 33x35 hex.


One player starts in the east, the other in the west

special rules

The rules of Total Warfare apply.
It is played with "floating crits".
Abmunitionieren before the game start is not permitted.
Change of ammunition is not allowed.
Other special rules (such as Firing while Prone) are not allowed.
Mechs who can get up at 13+ and can not shoot from the ground have to get off.
Scenario special rule

The Christmas trees
The Christmas trees stand for the spirit of Christmas. They may neither be cleared nor set on fire. Besides, the forest can not be entered.
The Oberschurke
Despite the fact that one of the two chief villains is an impostor, the Minions have too much respect (or fear?) For the other Santa Claus to do him harm. The Minions are not allowed to shoot the Thief or make melee attacks against him. The Oberschurken among themselves may of course prove who of them is the true Oberschurke.
victory conditions
The game ends as soon as a player no longer has minions. Of course, in the spirit of Christmas, there are only winners.
Each player receives Christmas balls for deactivated units of the opponent:
3 Christmas balls for each minion turned off
10 Christmas balls when Santa Claus has been switched off.

In addition, bonus points are distributed, which you must count in the course of the game.
1 Christmas ball for every successful shutdown
1 Christmas ball for every successful melee attack
Note: All 'Mechs that have been destroyed or that can no longer stand up due to damage suffered (for example, both legs lost, gyroscope destroyed, stand up to 13+) are considered to be disabled.
Mechs with unconscious pilots or disabled 'Mechs are not considered off, but are legal targets.

game score
There are 100 points to win in each game. These are distributed to the two players according to the following key:
The 100 points are divided by the total number of Christmas balls won by both players, rounded to three decimal places. That gives the score of a Christmas ball. Then each player gets points according to his won number of Christmas balls.
Player 1 wins 21 Christmas balls, Player 2 wins 30 Christmas balls.
As a result, a Christmas ball is worth 100: 51 = 1,961 points.
Thus player 1 receives 21x1,961 = 41,181 points, player 2 30x1,961 = 58,830 points.

The Print and Play version can be downloaded at the following link

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