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Author Topic: White Elephant Exchange, Tempe, AZ, Nov 23  (Read 1612 times)


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White Elephant Exchange, Tempe, AZ, Nov 23
« on: 09 November 2019, 16:36:09 »
Mission Synopsis:  The term "White Elephant" is derived from a past practice of the kings of what is now Thailand. When annoyed with someone, they would give them a white elephant. No one would give away a gift from the king, but its upkeep would ruin them. In modern English the term is used to mean an expensive, useless gift. In the world of Battletech, we're using this as a way to play any battlemech you want... but you have to give a more expensive mech to the enemy!

Date & Time:  Saturday, November 23rd. We are scheduled to start at 1:00pm; last round will be called at about 6:00pm.
Location: Game Depot AZ, Tempe, AZ

    Unit selection: Miniatures & record sheets for pre-made forces will be provided, but players are encouraged to bring their own forces, created in accordance with the rules below. 
    Choose one unit to keep. This may be any canon Standard technology Inner Sphere Battlemech. Note its base Battle Value (BV2).
    Choose one unit to give away. This will also be a canon Standard technology Inner Sphere Battlemech. Its base Battle Value must be higher than the ‘mech you keep. (Note that you're only giving away the record sheet, not the miniature!)
    Gunnery/Piloting skills for all 'mechs will be G3/P4 or G4/P3 (recipient's choice -- not the gift-giver's).
    There is one exception to the Standard tech limitation -- Superheavy Mechs. These ultimate "white elephants" can be either gift, keeper, or both. They will not give any initiative bonuses.
    Ammunition - The recipient (not the gift-giver) chooses ammunition types from the Standard tech list. (Ammunition that costs extra BV cannot be selected.)
    C3 and C3i networks only function within a single player's force.

Terrain and setup description: The battle will be held on a 4’ x 6’ map (3D, 2” hexes) representing rolling hills surrounding a small urban area. The two (randomly-determined) sides will move onto the board from the short edges on round 1.
Victory Conditions: The side with the most ‘mechs within 2 hexes of a building at the end of the game wins. Crippled units don't count. Units entering the city on the last round count as half.
Special Rules: With a few exceptions, only Total Warfare rules will be used.

    There is no “edge of the world.” If a mech is up against a map edge, the three hexes that would be surrounding the mech off the board are now legal hexes for movement; occupying any of those hexes opens up more hexes, etc.
    The following rules from Tactical Operations will be used: Floating Crits, Sprinting, Evading, Crawling, Careful Stand, Firing When Down, ECCM, Expanded Backward Movement, Expanded Stacking, Gauss Shut Off, Active Probe Targeting, Retractable Blades.