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Author Topic: Who can we speak to concerning more crowdfunding for beautiful "topo" Map Packs?  (Read 1120 times)


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Dear friends:

I have not posted at in some time, possibly years, and I wanted to get back into it all.  The combination of recently spending $80 on LAMs, and seeing the new HeavyMetal DLC et al. for BattleTech (2018) on computers through Steam, made me think more of the Inner Sphere.

I have read that the newer Map Packs [ca. 2020-2022 AD] have been financed through crowdfunding, and it would be awesome to have a few more Map Packs such as Martian, Lunar, Arctic, etc. that correspond to an exotic or challenging terrain to battle in, while at the same time being visually appealing "topographic" map art.

Can anyone on the Catalyst team verify how much in crowdfunding it actually cost to put together the recent Grasslands, Deserts, Alien Worlds, and Battle of Tukayyid Map Packs, both individually and collectively (grand total)?  And will such an event be repeated at any time in the near future?  I am a degreed artist and designer who likes maps!

Thanks again for reading this post about the foregoing, and feel free to move this topic around so that it is placed in the most appropriate category at this forum. :)

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Bad news: By 'crowdfunding', people mean there was a Kickstarter with maps in it a while back, and you missed it.

Good news: The maps funded through that are still available:

Good news: There's gonna be another Kickstarter this fall.

Bad news: This isn't something where you can put in requests for what they put on the Kickstarter. Putting new maps in it is 100% Catalyst's choice, the fans don't get any input aside from choosing to put money into it or not.
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