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Author Topic: 3025 Roleplay Campaign  (Read 2072 times)


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3025 Roleplay Campaign
« on: 09 February 2011, 17:52:37 »
As the Shack get's more immersive, we shall be having guests Gamemasters fielding their roleplaying games inside specific eras.

Tobias will be setting an exclusive 3025-tech one, here is his forum post and information:

3025 – Svelvik, a world of the Draconis Combine in the angle between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Periphery. The DCMS gives this world little importance, and the warlord of Rasalhague granted the local noble the permission to protect his planet with mercenaries – if he pays them himself. The nobleman hired a new formed mercanary unit: the Thursday's Thunderers. The only qualification of the unit was that it was cheapest. Most of the units equipment is old, supply is low, and the wages are always paid late. Colonel John Thursday promised better times... and if the unit fights well against the pirates and Lyrans the local nobel fears, it is possible the unit won't end bankrupt.

The players are the new hired members of the Thursday Thunderers. The Thunderers pay poor, and only desperate characters (or really stupid) will join them. The Thunderers have some free mechs, characters who want to bring an own mech need the Colonels approval (and the Colonel warns that the repair of the units own mechs will always have priority over that of owner-mechs). The players might encounter any problem they can imagine on a Kurita border world.

I plan to begin Thursday, 17th February, 20.30 CET. I use no mechwarrior system, Battle encounters will be played using Megamek, of course.
There are 5 player character slots free – and one for a player who helps me with extras and enemies.
If you want to play one of those, ask me (Tobias) for my email on the Shack, and send me a mail which answers this questions:

Who is the character?
Where does he/she come from?
What is his educational background? Where did he learn piloting mech?
What was his/her military career?
Is that the truth? Or a wrong identity? (Colonel Thursday has no problem hiring persons with a false identity as long he knows the truth.)
Why did he/she join this bad reputated, 3rd-class merc unit?
What does the character expects from his/her future?
A short description how he/she looks.

You may display your interest here or login directly and PM him.

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