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Author Topic: Cincinnati BattleTech's new campaign (recruiting)  (Read 2483 times)

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Cincinnati BattleTech's new campaign (recruiting)
« on: 08 February 2011, 05:29:41 »
The year is 2765, and you are members of the 741st Royal Striker Regiment, an elite unit where the only things more deadly than your cutting-edge hardware are the men and woman that use it.  Two months ago, eighteen worlds of the Taurian Concordat declared their independence from the Star League, and reports of mass uprisings and executions of Star League citizens have filtered back to you.  The Star League Defense Force is going in to rescue its people and guide the separatists back to the League's side, and as the nearest Striker regiment, you'll be the tip of the spear.  Do you have what it takes to help keep the Star League together in the face of the greatest war the galaxy has seen in two hundred years?  Find out in the ground-breaking new Cincinnati BattleTech campaign series:

Apocalypse Rising
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