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Author Topic: Battletech Long Island III  (Read 30263 times)


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #450 on: 04 January 2022, 13:13:14 »
“Well now that we got the last bits from the main chamber I think we can install this beast back in its cage.” Ron states.
“Yes that last couple has not been fun looking for all the little bits that were spinning around in there.” Julia said while looking at such a bit between her fingers.
“Well it looks like you two got this all under control.” Harald offers as he looks over the work of the other techs. “So tonight we all go out for drinks and dinner. This monster has put up a good fight.”
“I hope Maria knows just how bad this was.” Julia looks as the now fully operational Gyro.
“I’m sure that Euron will make sure she does. Let’s just give it one more bench run before we put it back.” Harald wipes the lube from his hands.
“Ya the way this thing was it will be safer to check it over once more just to make sure nothing is still hiding inside.” Ron said as he shut is down and grabbed the scan tool.
“One thing the crew at the shop will be happy. No more custom work on this for a bit …. I hope.” Julia said as she moved to the other side to look for any sign of trouble as the gyro spun down.

OK so the last rolls went well .... not as good as the first but it is 100%.
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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #451 on: 04 January 2022, 16:29:52 »
Why were multiple rolls needed on that gyro?
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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #452 on: 04 January 2022, 19:41:04 »
Probably one to repair, one to install. :D It was outside the mech.
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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #453 on: 04 January 2022, 19:51:58 »
Why were multiple rolls needed on that gyro?

It had a hit then took one trying to repair it. One to get it back in.


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #454 on: 04 January 2022, 20:24:30 »
Can my tech crews pick up experience points for taking on extra repair jobs?


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #455 on: 04 January 2022, 20:55:48 »
Can my tech crews pick up experience points for taking on extra repair jobs?

NO. They move up when the equipment they service does.


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #456 on: 04 January 2022, 22:16:42 »
“IT”S ALIVE!!!!”
After spending the better part of the last two weeks the Gyro givens in and starts work as a gyro and not a paper weight.
“See I knew we could fix it, just had to show it who is the boss” Ron looks over at Julia tapping his hammer in his hand. “Now it should work.”
“Thanks for the help. That THING was going to get more than some love taps from me real soon.” She gives the Gyro a look that could stop a clock.
“Hay, hay none of that. You just may melt it with that look and after all this time that would not be good.”
“You are right … just that it gave such a hard time.”
“Look we go it running. Now we need the pilot to keep it that way.”

Yes I rolled the bones and 11 gets'er done  ;D

Hooray!  Now all that's left is to repair the center torso and left torso rear armor and the Phoenix Hawk will be fully operational.


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #457 on: 04 January 2022, 22:19:36 »
ComStar AP News Services
           received Nejiro System August 3068 

Danger and death threaten Zion Province on every side.
The Capellan Conferderation is under siege, its people coming apart at the seams, as the Federated Suns continues to invade. 
The Chaos March is in flames. Rogue Mercenary armies tear at each others throats, grinding helpless worlds to bloody mire beneath their treads. Our doom could fall from our skies at any moment.
What does Thomas Marik, our wise and compassionate Captain-General, do for us in this, our darkest hour? What do our noble leaders at League Central Coordination and Command do? What, oh what, does the Free Worlds League Military, our stalwart protector, do? 
They withdraw the Third Free Worlds Guard, our only defense, and dispatch it to bolster the Marik Commonwealth's already impenetrable barrier against imagined threats from disgruntled provinces of the Lyran Alliance!   
Enough is Enough! 
The Free Worlds League has abandoned Zion Province. As we are alone, we must now stand alone, relying on our own solidarity to see us through the present peril. 
The time has come for Zion Province to secede from the lie of the Free Worlds League. Independence for Zion! This is the ideal for which we must stand and fight!   

Op/ed from The Zion Intelligencer, 22 March 3068 


The Botley family (but especially Tristan) is not gonna be happy about these developments, but that's a story I'll write when I have more time.


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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RSVP’s will start to arrive at Camp Kurawa
The first of the Shuyona Ichizoku are:
Saganami      will be attending.
Sugai         will be attending.
Zakharovich      will be attending.

Nakazawa      due to pressing matters they will not be attending.

MacDiarmid      will be attending.
McAllister      will be attending.
Sakamura      will be attending.
Takayama      will be attending.

Isobe         due to the time of year they will not be able to attend.
Kusonoke      due to pressing matters and time of the year they will not be attending.


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #459 on: 06 January 2022, 02:10:03 »
“So your strike went well?”
“Yes, they only know what we wanted them to know.”
“Good, we will see how they react.”

“What are you doing Young one?”
“Just setting up some fun for our friends.”
“And just what is this fun?”
“I figure if we are going to bug out they may figure that out, so I have some of my toys set to do things at different times.”
“Very good, it will force them to keep up the security tours and run them down.”
“That’s the idea. Now we just have to hope they do not figure this part out to quick.”

“Our team has looked over the area and then moved off before the NPO got there.”
“What did they find?”
“Well it looks like our guests have other friends that want to play.”
“Well they will find that they are playing with the wrong people.”
“What do you want to do?”
“I think if one wants to play with fire they may find that they get burned.”
“Very well, I will get on that right away.”

“The GSF units are in place.”
“I hope they do not have to work very hard.”

At the Zenith jump point a JumpShip fade in.
The helm officer looks over to his skipper. “Sir we are in the Nejiro system.”
“Good, get a hold of the ground control and the Task Force.”
“Yes sir”

“Have my shuttle ready as soon as we are settled in.” Nicolas informs the ship’s captain. “Inform the DC task force who we are so they do not get any ideas, then inform Nejiro control that I will be landing.”
“Yes sir.” Looking to the junior officers. “You have ears, get on it.”
A group of yes sirs sounds out.

“Joy I am about two hours from landing and will need to speak with governor ASAP.”
“I will see what can be done. You do understand that she have a lot more on her desk then before?”
“Very much so and understand that we cannot meet as soon as I hit rock.”

“I thank you for taking time out to see me on short notice.”
“For all the help you have been over the last this is no problem. So what can I do?”
“To start I want to take you up on your offer to set up shop here.”
“But you have the island that you are setting up you storage center on?”
“No I am talking setting up my main office. I do not like what I see going on. I want a place that I can keep my people safe.”
“You know very well that things are not so normal around here. We have a few problems.”
“True but not like what is going on in the sphere. Many of the old problems are returning and adding some new ones.”
“OK I have no problem with you setting up after all I did make the offer a while ago and it still stands, having you ships plus Phoenix’s will be of great value to us.”
“I am glad then. I will still be using what was started and would like to setup offices in Yousai, Hilo and Port. I will make the office in The Enclave larger as well.”
“Well nothing you have asked so far is out of line.”
“Thank You. I will have my people start you come down. I have some people already working on the items I just spoke of.”
“I would expect nothing less from you. I think I would be surprised if you were not already working on this.”
“I am happy not to disappoint you. I do have other news.”
“Please we do not get the latest and it will be good the get something less than a couple old.”
“Well it is not good. With all that is going on most companies are not selling to …. Outsiders as freely, I have somethings but not like before. I also had to …. Sell off a lot of inventory to get …. Clear.”
“I see. I will inform the GSF that they will need to take care of their toys as they will be harder to replace. Anything more?”
“Well adding to your GSF will also be harder. Everyone is picking up any mercenary units they can. I have seen some of the contracts and what they pay is, lets’ just say the numbers are over the top.”
“I hope that the units I have will want to stay then.”
“The good news as small as it is, I have informed the people I work with out this way that I will be spending more time out here and working with you.”

“We will have to step things up a bit.”
“Why? We are forcing them to keep units in many different places in the system.”
“True Dräi, but with the DCA Marines now in system we will need to make sure that they too are going to stay longer than just training.”
“If we do that much, do we not make ourselves the target for all?”
“No Sechs. Not if we keep doing what we have been doing. We keep up what we are doing and add just a bit more. Think of it, we can keep a couple of regiments of DCMS troops and a Capital ship from returning to the sphere and maybe even do what the others did not.”
“I did not look at it in that light. We will be going well beyond our mission. We will be helping the masters’ plan.”
“Now you see the true light of this plan. We shall use the others as needed. We have so far and we will do so it the future to keep and add pressure so these units do not return home. But not so much pressure reinforcements are sent in.”

“Sir we just received the last shipment of the stun weapons.”
“Good have them stored and then make sure all the troops have been train to use them.”
“Yes sir, right away sir.”

“Cho-sa Westfield I am glad that you could see me this fast.” Nicolas offers his hand to the Tai-sa. “Forgive me Tai-sa.”
“It is I who is honored.” He takes Nicolas’s hand. “You have been away for some time and the Tai-sa rank is very new. So what can I do for you?”
“Congratulations, it is overdue.” Nicolas gives a firmer hand shake. “Well it is not for me, it is something that Sho-sho Tanaka needs done.” He hands Westfield a data pad.
“Well then I will see. What do we need to do for the Sho-sho” He reads the pad. “This can be done with little problems. I will need you to bring his cargo to Hilo and I will handle all that needs to be done.”
“Thank You Tai-sa, and once more congratulations.” Nicolas shakes his hand. “I will have the cargo in Hilo in a week.”

“Gunsho get me Sho-sa Kalakaua on the line.”
“Hai Tai-sa” the Gunsho gets to work. “Kon’nichiwa Kyanpu Senshi Tai-sa Westfield needs to speak with Sho-sa Kalakaua.”
“One moment while I ring her office.” The Go-cho calls her commanding officer. “Sho-sa, Tai-sa Westfield’s office is on the line and the Tai-sa would like to speak with you.”
“Put him through.” Kono looks at the screen as it changes.
“Sir I have the Sho-sa on the line.”
“Patch her in.” The image of Kono fills the screen. “Sho-sa it is good to speak with you.”
“It is good to speak with you also Tai-sa, but I know this is not about just getting to talk with each other.”
“Very true, I have need of some of your people to handle something for a common friend.” He looks down for a second. “If you check your terminal you will see what is needed for this.”
She looks down and reads the information. “I see. Who will supply the need items?”
“They will come from my supply stores. I need your people as they are better trained to do what is needed.”
“From this.” She looks at the information once more. “They are. I will have them over to you ASAP.” She looks at the information. “I did not know you and the Sho-sho are close.”
“He was one of my instructors in me early training.”
“We need to get together to talk.”
Westfield’s eyebrow goes up on that. “We will have to make the time then.”
“I look forward to that.” She smiles. “By the way, a more personal congratulations will be in order … Tai-sa.”


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #460 on: 06 January 2022, 08:43:15 »
ComStar AP News Services 
          received Nejiro System August 3068 

[INN Anchor]: "The First Circuit released a statement today confirming the failure of Case White. All Com Guards Divisions and all ComStar WarShips - nearly the entire Com Guards combat navy - dispatched to the assault on Terra are listed missing and presumed destroyed.   
"With the losses over Tukayyid and elsewhere in the Chaos March, the Case White failure has all but eradicated the Com Guards admiralty and rendered its ground forces a shadow of its former self. The First Circuit statement did not mention the use of nuclear weapons in the Blakists' defense of Terra, and First Precentor Gavin Dow could not be reached for further comment on the operation. However, INN has received this video release from Jenna Martins, our field reporter on the Invisible Truth, soon after she narrowly escaped Blakist interceptors in the Terran system - contrary to earlier reports by Blakist outlets..."   
[Cut to: Reporter Jenna Martins stands in a small, soot-smeared corridor with several other reporters and their crews. A bulkhead door is visible some distance behind her, flanked by two Inner Sphere standard battlesuits. The letters 'C-I-C' can be seen stenciled on the door, over the ComStar and Star League logos.] 
[Martins]: "We are standing just outside the command and control center of the Invisible Truth, which has been under heavy and steady acceleration ever since our arrival in the Sol sytem. Adept LaMoine Oberschulte, a designated spokesman for Precentor Martial Steiner-Davion and Admiral Beresick, both of whom are on the bridge at this time,  will be addressing us shortly on the status of the mission and of the rest of the Case White task force."   
[As if on cue, the sentry on the right side of the door shifts in place and a female voice issues from the suit's external speakers.]   
[Sentry]: "Ladies and gentlemen, Adept Oberschulte will see you now."
[The C-I-C door opens to reveal a holographic presentation in the center of a dim room filled with computer stations and busy crewmen in Com Guards naval attire. The camera focuses on the hologram, which projects the Sol system, a single green triangle blinking near Terra and along the planet's orbital path. A dashed green line indicates the green triangles projected course. Several red triangles are depicted closer to the planet and the moon, with multiple dashed red lines projected in front of them, all of which cross the dashed green line at various points. Numbers flutter around each icon, all apparently counting down. Stepping in front of the image, a ComStar naval officer in his mid-thirties clasps his hands behind his back and meets the eyes of the gathered reporters with a grim expression.]   
[Oberschulte]; "Welcome, members of the press. I am Adept LaMoine Oberschulte. On behalf of Admiral Beresick, I apologize fot the inconvenience of our current 1.5-G acceleration, but as the projection behind me demonstrates, there is an urgent need for us to put as much space between us and the enemy fleet as possible.
"What I am about to discuss with you has already been shared with the crew of the Invisible Truth. It will likely be weeks before you can give this to your news outlets, and even then only after significant editing for security purposes. The Precentor Martial has chosen to divulge this information because he feels you have a right to know what kind of danger we are presently in, but stresses that we expect more responsibility from you than that of certain colleagues whose actions nearly got us all killed.   
"You see behind me a plot of the Truth's path away from our Word of Blake pursuers. We estimate no less than seven ships currently in pursuit, which we first detected at a spot roughly one point four one-gee burn-days away from our present location after our arrival here via a non-standard jump point believed to be that used by the initial Case White fleet. As far as we can determine, the Blakist ships were engaged in salvage operations on our arrival, and the space around their location appears to be filled with debris and derelict vessels. Unfortunately, sensors told us that all active IFF transponders in the field belong to the Word of Blake. Upon confirming what appears to be the complete destruction of the main task force fleet, we received transmissions from the Blakists to cut our engines and surrender our vessel or be destroyed.   
"Since then, we have picked up several drive flare signatures that indicate a large number of inbound vessels vectoring to intercept the Truth. In the past few hours, despite constant scanning, we have not picked up any ComStar beacons of any kind. We can only speculate as to what occured here, but clearly the Blakist forces still active in this system are far more numerous than our scout reports let on. The cause of the intelligence failure remains under investigation, and I am not authorized to speculate.   
"Ladies and gentlemen, it appears from the sensor evidence that Case White has utterly failed. We dare not speculate at this time how the Blakists managed to defeat a fleet three times as large as the vessels we knew they had, nor can we ascertain the composition and configuration of most of the Blakist ships now pursuing us. We have detected higher-than-normal levels of radiation from the debris field, suggesting that nuclear weapons may have been employed to destroy the Case White fleet, but we cannot be certain of that, largely because of some unusual signals and inteference.   
"With no apparent survivors or support available, and considering our present condition and prior battle damage, the decision was made to immediately move away from the enemy vessels in hopes of buying enough time to hot-load our K-F drive and effect an emergency jump out-system before the Blakists can engage. The admiral and the Precentor Martial want you all to be aware of the distinct possibility of imminent combat within the next twenty-four to thirty-six hours, and to know that we will do our best to assure the safety of everyone on board. But we are all in grave danger, and you have a right to know about it.   
"I will not take questions at this time. Thank you for your patience and support."   
[Oberschulte nods to another pair of sentries and begins to move around the holoprojection as another pair of battle-suited troopers ushers out the small gathering of silent reporters]   

-INN News Special Report, Orestes, 21 March 3068   

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services
           received Nejiro System August 3068 

[Price] "I'm sorry Ben, I just don't think its wise."
[Abraham] "I understand, Marjorie. But what choice do we have?" 
[Price] "None apparently. Either we continue to suffer with inadequate turbines and slowly watch our people freeze to death during the cold cycle, or we sign on Blake's dotted line."   
[M'Benga] "If those damned Davions hadn't severed Mitercore's contract when they pulled out..."
[Abraham] "I know. I know. We've tried everything, Samon. Tax breaks. Incentives. Even a seat on the governor's board. But no takers. The market for zinc and copper has just died these past several years. And the Commonwealth was our main buyer. With the split, the Suns have plenty of supply in the Draconis March, while the Alliance would rather look elsewhere than traverse the Chaos March for less-than-market ore."
[M'Benga] "So they condemn us to die? And leave turning to these zealots as our only option?"   
[Price] "They're in the antechamber, you know."   
[M'Benga] "I don't give a ghu's fart! They're up to something. The deal is too good for us to pass up, which means there's a catch somewhere. A catch which will doom us all." 
[Price] "Legal's been over it with a fine-toothed comb. They can't find anything that would hurt us. We have no choice, Samon. Either we seal the deal or watch our planet die a slow death as each environmental system fails from our dwindling power supply."   
[M'Benga] "You know we're dealing with the Devil. And he's going to burn us alive." 
[Abraham] "I hope beyond hope that isn't true. But my friend, I think you're more right than I want to admit. just remember who we're doing this for."   
[M'Benga] (sighs) "I know."   
[Price] "Shall I let them in, Governor?"   
[Abraham] "Yes, Marjorie. And afterward, I think we're going to need that bottle of Chateau Tamarind '42. All of it."     

 - Private conversation between Duke Benson Abraham of Epsilon Indi and his aides, Samon M'Benga and Marjorie Price, allegedly recorded by elements of the defunct Epsilon Indi Freedom Brigade, circa 20 June 3068   

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services 
          received Nejiro System August 3068   

(4 May 3068)   

Liao [CBS] - The Word of Blake continues to pursue its campaign of terror against Capellan worlds that threw off the bonds of Davion oppression in our 3057 War of Liberation. Staging their assaults from Terra and forward operating positions on Epsilon Eridani, the Blakists are attempting to broaden their sphere of influence into the Tikonav Commonality even as they prosecute a wider war against the infidel nations of the Inner Sphere.   
Since declaring their own independence from ComStar some sixteen years ago, the followers of Blake have forged a path unlike any other. Part religious fanatic, part prophet, and part salesman, the typical Blakist faithful has deluded himself into believing that the The Word of Blake is the one and only answer to humanity's problems.   
First they conquered Terra, using ComStar's ineptitude to secure humanity's birthplace. Then they began spreading into the Tikonav Commonality, targeting worlds not yet rid of the Davion influence that prevented their people from willingly returning to the Confederation. Mandrinn Goren Trahn, Deputy Information Minister for the Liao Commonality, released information about the attacks in late January.   
"The Capellan people abhor violence," said Trahn, "but we will not tolerate such egregious assaults on our comrades, even if they lie beyond the borders secured by the Celestial Realm. The Word of Blake must realize that the presence of Davion sympathizers cannot justify an assault against Capellan citizens."   
The indiscriminate Blakist assaults continue today, even as the Celestial Wisdom seeks a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Their targets include the homeworlds of the Davions, the Steiners, and the Kuritas, delivering much-deserved destruction on each realm, but they also strike at Capellan worls like Epsilon Indi, Fletcher, and Tall Trees - worlds left unprotected by ComStar's continued incompetence. Against still other targets, such as Outreach, the Blakists have even used nuclear weapons to eradicate all opposition, at an incredible toll in human lives.   

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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“Mr. Corado this came in for you.” His officer manager hands him an envelope.
“Thank You.” He goes into his office. Looking at the invention he calls his office manager. “Have my jet readied I will need it later today.”
“Yes Sir.”

A few hours later. “Mr. Corado we are on final and your ground team is ready.”

“Major this is the front gate Mr. Corado would like to see you.”
“Please escort him in.”

“So what do I owe you for this visit?”
“Well as this has been sitting in my office due to me being it transit I figured a personal response was more proper.” He holds up his invention.
“You could have just called.”
“NO, this late one needs to take of this in person. I am very happy to attend and look forward to the day. I also have a little something for you.” He hands her a wooden box. “Just a little something from my personal stock.” It is a bottle 25 year old North Wind single molt. “Please enjoy it.”


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services   
           received Nejiro System August 3068   

"...But not all unit commanders are so accepting of the reasons for the lack of Confederation support. Several TDF commanders, on condition of their anonymity, revealed their resentment of their treatment.   
"We send troops over there to defend Sunny Boy's land whenever the Davions send a company over the border, but what happens when we get clobbered by regiments of Federated troops? Some nice-sounding words of commiseration for our plight, that's what, a veteran brigadier confessed to us.   
"It's completely unfair to the Concordat. The Capellan Confederation is larger and more powerful, yet it feels like we're putting more resources and manpower into its defense than they are to ours," claimed another brigadier. "I mean, they're out taking over Chaos March worlds, using us to garrison their systems, while they can't spare even some reserves  to deal with the Calderon Protectorate or pirates."   
"Though not the majority opinion yet, such sentiments are apparently gaining momentum among officers and the enlisted corps. Most seem to arise from troops coming back from tours protecting the Capellan borders or protecting or pacifying recently conquered Chaos March worlds. Such soldiers claim to be disgusted by the disparity of support their units receive when compared even with second-line Capellan regiments..."   

 - excerpted from "Taurus Abandoned?" Free Concordat Journal, Taurus Press, 20 June 3068   


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services
           received Nejiro System August 3068 

St. Ives Struck   
(26 June 3068)   

Capella [CBS] - Unknown marauders struck St. Ives today, killing and injuring more than a thousand. Among the missing and feared dead is Duke Kai Allard-Liao, cousin to the Celestial Wisdom.   
Rebel separatists have long targeted the worlds of the St. Ives Commonality, seeking to undermine our government through riots and other acts of violence, including military raids conducted by Davion-supported insurgents. Even when the people of St. Ives chose to reunite with our Confederation five years ago, after surviving three decades of Davion oppression, rebels continued to strike out at government and military facilities, apparently in a futile attempt to turn the loyal citizens of St. Ives against their own nation.   
While these rebel attacks have killed and wounded thousands of Capellan citizens, none have been so despicable as the one that assaulted St. Ives today. Mandrinn Quon Il-Peng, St. Ives Commonality Minister of Justice, witnessed the attack and relayed what he saw to investigators.   
"The Davion green BattleMechs fell from the sky and began shooting in all directions. Their only intent was to kill as many citizens and destroy as many structures as they could."   
Other reports from the scene confirm the minister's account. The unknown 'Mechs appeared to have completed what is known as a 'combat jump' - literally a controlled fall from a DropShip in orbit - to land in a military cantonment that Duke Kai was touring. They proceeded to destroy everything and everyone in sight before moving on to the spaceport, leveling everything in their path, where they rendevoused with their DropShip and left the world. St. Ives Space Traffic Control identified this DropShip as a civilian liner of Sarna registry, but could not track it when it left the world as the marauders had knocked out radar and other sensors.   
To date, there are 307 confirmed deaths on the ground, with more than 700 wounded. Roughly 400 more remain missing, including Duke Kai. No one has yet claimed responsibility for this heinous act of murder.   

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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“So how long before they get a new skipper for this one?”
“With the way things are going I have no clue.”
“Well they need to get some replacements for the officer corps. The junior officers are stepping up but they need some help.”
“Well that is why we are here.”
“All this back and forth is a bit much don’t you think?”
“Some but we are the only trained officers in the area and it’s why they pay us.”
“I guess but it would be nice to get some flyer miles out of it”
“Don’t push it, they are not charging us for the flights.”
“They wouldn’t do that … would they?”
“Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers for.”

More RSVP’s will arrive at Camp Kurawa.
Shuyona Ichizoku
Ceallach      will be attending.
Fukuda         will be attending.
Helekia         will be attending.
Tikhonovich      will be attending.

Chikimatsu      will be attending.
Conchobhar      will be attending.
Dubhghaill      will be attending.
Hamada      will be attending.
Hohki         will be attending.
Iona         will be attending.
Kahele         will be attending.
Loingsigh      will be attending.
Mahelona      will be attending.
Masachika      will be attending.
Palakiko      will be attending.
Rizvi         will be attending.
Rogers         will be attending.
Sorenson      will be attending.
Tomori         will be attending.
Yakovich      will be attending.

Carson         due to the time of year they will not be able to attend.
Vasilievna      due to pressing matters and time of the year they will not be attending.

“I want you to attend. All of You.”
“With all of you attending we can find out what all of them are thinking.”
“Simple, you mix with them. They will have their guard down and things will slip.”
“Now I see. I will inform the others the respond yes as well.”
“Very good, the more eyes we have the better.”

Nejiro News 1
Reports from Yosei no Sogen are coming in about farmlands south-east of Tarawa being destroyed. We will keep following these reports.

We have been keeping an eye on the reports of farmlands south-east of Tarawa being destroyed. So far no one knows why and the locals are looking into this.

Sentinel News
We have seen reports of farmlands being destroyed on Yosei no Sogen. So far the local authorities have no clue who was behing this.

The Tarawa Times
Someone destroyed a major section of crops south-east of Tarawa. Local authorities are looking into this. Rhee-sama has stated that when the ones responsible for this are take in they will face the full term of the law. Rhee-sama said that no one is above the law.

The Dakuu-orianyusu (Dark Warrior News)
We see reports of the destruction of farm lands near Tarawa. Why would something like this happen? Why because the sell swords do nothing while others destroy property that the people of Nejiro need.

Shin no wadopuresu (True Word Press)
Why would someone destroy farm lands? Why take food from the people of Nijero? Why to control the people of Nejiro.

“Well it looks as if your strike went very well.”
“Yes it does, now it is time for the others to do their part.”
“With some prodding they will.”


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Meant to post this a week ago. My apologies. Loyalty Forsaken wedding attendees will be Mjr. Honeycutt, Talia Wolfe, Ajax crew, Ironborn liaison, I.S. B.A. squad sans battle armor( Ajax squad), and 1 squad of Light infantry
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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Back at base…
Everyone is busy cleaning up the cave in. A Construction mech finishes up digging out a battered Urbanmech. Ching Ch’i spots his sister overseeing the clean up. By the set of her shoulders, it looks like she is in a foul mood.

“Damn sister, half the cave mouth is gone”.

“Ch’i, you have a unique way of stating the obvious. Do you have any other pearls of wisdom?”

“Yea, that Urbie should have zagged instead of zigged”.

“Ha ha.”

“Oh I almost forgot, Jack is here to see you.”

“Good, I need to talk to him. Bring him here”.

Three minutes later Ch’i returns with Jack. He stops, puts his hands in his jacket pockets and slowly whistles.

“Damn, she did a number on the entrance”.

“That seems to be the general consensus”.

“Any idea who got them out?”

Follow me, I’ll show you the security footage. Oh and thank you for sending the construction equipment to help. It is appreciated.”

“Denada. Anything to get you up and running. I hear that you haven’t had much luck lately, besides this.”

“You could say that. It seems that we always seem to be late getting to the objective. Both Ch’is mission and mine were failures because we didn’t get there fast enough. Whoever is doing this knows the time it takes to get the GSF moving and deployed. It’s like they have inside knowledge.”

“That’s an interesting observation. We do seem to be behind the eight ball lately. Any ideas?”

“Simple. Hunt them down, and destroy them. Here we are.”

Shi steps to a computer terminal, types a series of keys, and the screen lights up. A suit of battle armor stems into view, grabs a door frame and rips it off…

“Battle armor. Someone wanted her real bad. I don’t recognize the type.”

“I do, it’s a Nighthawk. An old Star League design.”

“Star League? Serious equipment. Who would have that?”

“Who else. The Robes, that’s who.”

“That means…”

“Yes. But why would the Wobbies want with a handful of tanks, when they have cutting edge equipment. Including Clan.”

“That is a good question.”

“Speaking of tanks. I’m in need of personal. After this debacle I seem to have more equipment than men. I need to fill some slots.”

“Trained personnel are hard to come by. And expensive.”

“I had other ideas. We have a old Cappellan tradition for getting personnel.”

What, Shang-hi? You do that around here and people will start getting twitchy.”

“Relax, do you think I’m stupid? We go after spacers and other non native people. Maybe you have a line on some?”

“Well, since you brought up personnel and equipment, you interested in a little job?”


There is a slight disturbance in the next room. Ch’i sticks his head in…

“Shi, you got to see this.”

They enter a common room with a monitor on the wall. On the screen is what looks like a woman with a microphone, reporting what looks like an armed incursion.  The tag line on the bottom of the screen states Solaris VII Game World. A neck walks behind the reporter…

“Jack, do you recognize that mech design?”

“No, I’ve never seen anything like that before “

The technician turns up the volume. The sound of a battle comes through as the reporter says “an as you can see, who ever this force is they seem to be pushing back at Blackstar mechs… “

“Shi, whatever contacts you have, you might want to touch base about this”.

“I think I will.”

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services 
          received Nejiro System September 3068   

"Wait - I've just been informed that a fleet of JumpShips has appeared at a nearby pirate point and has discharged a mix of assault and carrier DropShips, all bearing Federated Suns colors. They are approaching our position at a combat pace and it appears we are moving to engage the invaders. I say invaders instead of raiders because the officer in charge tells me it looks like the Davions have sent an entire Regimental Combat Team to attack the system.
"Thankfully, I am already strapped into my chair, or the gee-forces from our own DropShip's combat manuevers would have thrown me around this bridge like a rag doll. We were also fortunate that our Leopard CV had all it fighters in space before the Davions appeared. Watching the tactical screens here, I can see our vessel is coming about, opening up on a pair of Davion heavy fighters. Wow! looks like our weapons bays tore one up. the other seems to have survived. We are turning to face a Davion DropShip now...this one looks like an Aven -
[Large explosion. Alarms wail.]   
"What's going on? My screens just went dead and the emergency lighting has kicked in. I think we've been hit by an enemy DropShip, or maybe a squadron of fighters..."   
[Indistinct, exciting muttering. Alarms cease abrubtly.]     
"Oh, gods! I've been told the life-support system suffered critical damage and main power is out. We're dead in the water, adrift in space. To conserve power, I must end this report, and hope that - "     
<<End of Transmission>>   

 - Veronica Sarine, Canopian field reporter onboard the CCAF DropShip Starsword, Necromo System, 28 June 3068     

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services 
           received Nejiro System September 3068

(8 July 3068)   

Sian [CBS] - In response to the Davion aggression that has targeted her homeworld and her family, Candace Liao, Duchess and Prefect of St. Ives, leader of the St. Ives Commonality and beloved aunt to the Celestial Wisdom, has accepted the Chancellor's invitation to Sian.   
Ministry of Information spokesman Ping Shuh gave this statement to the press: "Duchess Candace has had to endure many hardships in her life, not least of which were her years as a hostage to the Davion Prince as he subjugated her people. While she expressed her desire to stand by her subjects as they once again battle oppression, she saw the wisdom of the Chancellor's concerns for her safety and accepted his invitation to stay with him on Sian until this current conflict is concluded."   
The duchess was touring the St. Ives Commonality when the Davions first struck and kidnapped her son, Duke Kai Allard-Liao. After brief consultation with the Celestial Wisdom, she made her way to Sian. For further protection, she was joined en route by bodyguards from Warrior House Imarra. She arrived on Sian earlier today, but was unavailable for comment.   

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services
           received Nejiro system September 3068   

(7 July 3068)   

Arc-Royal [INN] - In the face of massive destruction wrought by the Word of Blake, people everywhere are asking the same questions. How could this happen? Why didn't our governments see it coming? Everyone wants to know where to point the finger of blame for a catastrophic intelligence failure.   
The truth is, the Inner Sphere's intelligence community did not 'fail' at all. 
Following the fall of Terra to the Word of Blake, the community had known of the Blakists' Deep Periphery training camps. Likewise, the Blakists' aquisition of so many new BattleMechs - from the Terran factories they reactivated and from sources across the Inner Sphere - led analysts to postulate (correctly) that the Word of Blake had more troops than they officially acknowledged. The elaborate shell game the Blakists played by expanding their existing divisions while duplicating designations of existing Level IIIs to hide the paper trail generated by those new formations succeeded in hiding their location, but not their existence.   
On the WarShip front, the Word of Blake helped the Free Worlds League salvage Star League era WarShips. That they kept the best ships for themselves - a McKenna class battleship for example - should surprise no one. The Blakists' ability to kick start the Free Worlds League's WarShip program, and that of the Capellan Confederation, pointed to access to unknown manufacturing plants, or perhaps a large cache of components. We now have a name for that source, even if the precise location of the 'Ruins of Gabriel' remains elusive.   
So much for the men and material.
As to intent, the intelligence community (again, correctly) judged that these forces would safeguard Blakist holdings. William Blane's diplomatic initiatives in the Chaos March back in the early 3060s were taken as a strong indication that the Word of Blake wanted to establish a buffer zone, finally resulting in the formation of the Word of Blake Protectorate. Relations between the Dragoons and the former ComStar were never good. To anyone who could read a map, the Blakist conquest of Terra set the two groups on a collision course. The Blakist-sponsored violence on Outreach was shocking, but unsurprising in light of the veiled declaration of war represented by the formation of the Allied Mercenary Command.
The rest of the Inner Sphere was not oblivious to all of this, but they were in no position to take action against a probationary member-state of the Star League over dealings with a non-aligned state. If challenged over their actions, the Blakists could have argued that the whole affair lay outside the jurisdiction of the Star League council - or even called on the Star League to come to their aid. 
The intelligence community is only 'guilty' of failing to predict how the Word of Blake would react to a situation that did not yet exist. Not knowing that the Star League would not survive the fourth Whitting Conference, they had no way to guess that was coming.   

***Transmission Altered***
"As was foretold, the spirit of blessed Blake blinded the heretics and unbelievers to our preparations for the glory of the Third Transfer."   
***Alteration Ended***   

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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The last batch of RSVP’s arrive at Camp Kurawa.
Shuyona Ichizoku
Koizumi         will be attending.

Hayashi      will be attending.
Kasai         will be attending.
Rosslyn         will be attending.
Shiba         will be attending.
Sinclair         will be attending.

Kapula         due to pressing matters and time of the year they will not be attending.
Rohrs         due to pressing matters and time of the year they will not be attending.

At the spaceport a group of about 200 people are waiting as the customs officers that are processing the paper work form them and the cargo they have. Three ladies are at the customs dealing with a young customs officer as he is getting customs paper work done so they can be on world.
Talking with two other ladies at the counter. “This one is cute. Looks like we can have all kinds of fun together.” She looks back to the young man and gives him a wink. She switches to English. “So when we get done with this check in ….. maybe we can check you out.” She points to the other two and herself. She then flashes him a great big smile.
The customs officer blushes and keeps working on the groups papers.
A couple of other ladies join the three talking with customs officer. “So are we clear to enter?”
“Not yet, but so far things look good.” She smiles at the young officer once more and enjoys that he blushes even more. “I think you can start getting things ready to move. I will find out where they are and what transport we can get for the heavy gear.”
“Yes mam.” The two young ladies head off with a swagger in their step.
“Thanks, for all your help sweetie. If you want to party later this is my info. Can I use your phone so I can get a lift for my people and myself.” She gives officer a wink as he hands her the phone. “Hi Quintin honey I just made planet fall and can use a ride to your place.”
Quintin recognizes the voice but cannot believe that she is on Nejiero. “Well Jemma …. Wow …. I will see what I can do. You are at the Space Port?”
“Yes, I have some friends as well. We will need some heavy transport.”
“Sure … be right on that.” Of all the people to make this trip she is not the one he figured on.
“Commander the others are all together and all the gear is in good order.”
“Thanks Linda. Do remember we are no longer MAF so Captain will do.”
“Yes mam, Captain.”
“You have Linda with you?”
“Sure do, I also have Sandra as well. It’ll be like old times honey.”
“I’ll have someone get your gear to the rail station and then I’ll meet you at the station in Hilo.”
“Why the slow way? Can’t afford a DropShip Honey?”
“We don’t have a lot of DropShips out this way so rail is the next fastest way. See you in a few of days.”
“Well ladies we will have a few days ride on a train. Let’s see what we can to make the trip more fun.”
As he hangs up, looking at Niobe. “This is going to get real fun real soon.”
“Why? Jemma is a good ‘Mech pilot and we can use the extra firepower.”
“True but she has Linda and Sandra with her.”
“Now I see were this is going …. Good luck. Maybe Deb, Russert and I should start figuring out a new command structure because those three are probably going to kill you. The good news is that you will go with a smile.”

“Wow this is a first. A whole train.”
“We are a large group and have a lot of cargo.”
“True, but they do know how to make this type of travel nice.”
“The travel cars are well appointed.”
“So how do you think he is going to react to all of us here?”
“Not sure but it will be fun.”
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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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The customs officer hands back the data pad to the young woman. “All your of parties’ travel and cargo documents are in order.”
“Danke schön, do you know of a place that we can stay for a few days?”
“We have a few hotels here at the Space Port or The Enclave may better suit your needs.”
“We will need to store our cargo when it clears.”
“Well we do have on site cargo storage here and the Enclave also has places that can handle your cargo. You can talk with people over at terminal three.”

Over at terminal three. “We are in need some place to stay for a few days and to keep some heavy equipment as well. We do not have much money after our trip.”
“I would say look into The Enclave. It has places to stay and to store your equipment. You will find the prices much better in the Enclave and all of our storage is at a premium.” The customs officer offers. “They also have a much better choice of places to stay for your party.”
“Danka …. Arigatōgozaimashita.” Looking to the others. “So get you gear and we will go to this Enclave. After we settle in I call Reanne.”
“Do you know when the others will arrive?”
“Not sure they were to leave a week after us but when it got hot …. Well I just hope they got out.”

“What is the best medical facility on world?”
“That would be Yousai General. Is someone in need of medical help?”
“No I just like to know were the best care is on world. Thank You.”

At the Nijero Spaceport a young woman is watching the cargo handlers as they unload the large shipping containers. “What holding dock will these be at?”
“They will be in holding dock 52.”
“Thank You. The main customs area.” She asks.
“You will go straight and when you get to the white building you will go left. It is the fourth building on your right.”

“So we have to go towards that white building and then go left. The customs house is the fourth on the right.”

“I see that you trip has had a few bumps.” The customs officer said as he looks over the papers for the new group.
“Yes it has and I hope we have no more troubles.”
“Well your customs forms are fine and your group should be processed in an hour.”
“Thank You so much.”
“No problem we have been waiting on you arrival.”
“Do you have a line I can use so I can get someone to pick us up?”
“Sure I am almost done with your forms. Use that desk over to your right.”
“Once more thanks.” She moves to the desk. “YO, POPS we made it. We need a ride to you place. We also have some large luggage as well.”


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Marius sighed and paced in his office overlooking the makeshift structures of the encampment. His voice had taken on a questioning tone, "So, Quist. Do you think that a contest should be held for my "companion" for the wedding? Or should I just go it alone, as much as I can? I was debating teaming up with one of the local media stations and having them run a 'Win a evening with Kapten Bjornsen and attend the wedding for Kiah and Dusty.' What do you think? I know we'd have to heavily vet the winner, but this gives us time to do just that."

Nat chuckles, "Do you want my professional answer, my personal answer or the one you want to hear?" My Professional answer is, Get with the Ghost commander and clear it with GSF command. Personally, it could be fun. The one you want to hear is, Yes. Run with it. The only caveat I'm giving you is, Everyone else better bring Night-night guns for protection. I saw the list of what the various escorts will be for some of the units going. I wouldn't dishonor the couple by suggesting they can't protect the people for the evening, but the Night-night guns should become a visible sign of the fact that we are not 'just' killers without conscience. Also, we have invested heavily in that company, can't hurt to gain them publicity. Speaking of companies, Stark Heavy Industries' inquiry is waiting for a reply. I'll see what we can spare monetarily and if we can help secure some of the other things they need help with."

Lojtnant Anker spoke up. "Marius, are you sure this is wise? There are probably women in the unit who would make perfectly acceptable companions for the wedding. I understand your desire to integrate more with the locals, but be careful. I agree with Nat's professional opinion. Check with the GSF higher ups and the Ghost commander, see what they think."

Kapten Bjornsen smiled, "Anker, you aren't getting out of that invitation response. You need to finish it before you leave, remember. Okay. I've heard enough. Both of you are dismissed. Oh, before you go, Nat. We need to recruit a couple of tank crews and also need to purchase a couple of tanks. I'd prefer Saladins, but we'll see what we can get. Now, get thee gone. "
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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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“Quintin honey we found this one two jumps back. I don’t think we broke anything on him.” Jenna smiles at the young MechWarrior.
“You need to speak to me in proper terms after all I am the commander of this unit.”
“Yes Captain Sweetie.” She has a bigger smile.
“Lucas Jenkens reporting in sir.” The young warrior is a bright red.
“Take a seat Jenkins. So what weight class do you pilot?”
“Thank You sir, weight class sir? I have piloted a Crab and a Vindicator if that is any help.”
“Yes, we have a couple of mediums open at this time so I will have my XO run you on the sims to see what you fix better.”
“OH Quintin he fits me real well.” Her grin could fill a DropShip bay. “I hope the toys and troops will be of help. But you need to work a bit more to cover them.” She smiles as she puts a roster of the units that are with her on his desk. “The girls and I will see you later Captain Honey.” She winks and heads out.
“That one is a handful. Her friends are also something and together ….. well …. Wow.”
“That is very true and now I have all three once more.” Looking at the roster.

The month of December will be a time of many things. Not only will all the normal winter events be happening but we will see two weddings. The first will be the Commander of the GSF. We have learned that she will be using Fenikkusu jiin in Yousai. This grand event will be one of the major events of the season. The second wedding will be of members of the Ironborn and will be hosted by Shuyona Ichizoku Sagai at Sagai Shiro. Both of the events will be the talk of the season.

“So just how large is you luggage?”
“Well pops you know a girl can’t travel light.”
“So once more how large?”
“About 500 tons.”
“I figured we would need some things and most of it would have been trashed if we did not take it.”
“Girl when you get here we are going to have a very long talk.”
“Love you.”
“I wonder …. I will see what I can do on my end.”

Walk around the base talking more to himself then anyone.”
“500 tons of things …. What is that crazy girl thinking …. No wonder she had no money … Why her paper work was a problem.”
“Sorry Sir almost hit you.”
“No my problem ….. not keeping my mind in the here and now.”
“Anything I can help with?”
“No unless you can carry 500 tons of equipment to here.”
“Not me but the Goddess crew just had a train load of people and things show up.”
“Train …. Danka …. Thank you!” Duke pulls out his phone. “Sergeant get the rail company I need them to make a special run.”
“Yes sir.”


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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“Captain, do you have sometime?”
“Sure what is it Lieutenant?”
“Well sir with our new additions we will have to look over the unit org and ranks.”
“Why? It works.”
“Well sir with Jemma using Captain it may make for problems. People just may wonder who is in charge. I know you both have history and that she back home had her own command. But she does have to answer to you. Also will you be making her the Unit XO? She does have the experience and I will not stand in her way if that is what you want. She may come off as a bimbo, but I know she is a good field officer I have seen her file.”


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Are any special permissions required for the leader of a mercenary unit to give himself a promotion from Captain to Major?


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Are any special permissions required for the leader of a mercenary unit to give himself a promotion from Captain to Major?

Merc commanders get to call themself anything they want  ^-^


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Customs is working with yet another group that has shown up. This group is smaller than the last few but they too have a lot of heavy equipment. “Things must be real bad in the sphere.” Looking to her coworker. “We are getting a lot on new traders, settlers and combat types as of late.”
“True, this group looks like they just got out from were ever they were.”
“Well time to get to work.” She waves the group to her station and switches to English. ”Welcome to Nijero what can I do for you.”
“Kiitos … Thank You.” The group leader hands the groups travel and cargo data pad to her.” Etsimme Talven unelmaa ….. sorry we are to find Winter Dream.”
“Well after we get done with your papers, Nijero has some great winter sports places.”
“Sorry, I am not making clear. We are here to work.”
“OK not sure what you are looking for then.”
“Person called Raine Ketola … now with Winter Dream. She will help.”
“Not sure of anyone with that name but after we are done here we will help to find Raine Ketola for you.”

A few hours at Camp Senshi. “Raine we have a call for you from the spaceport.”
“What? Who can be calling me?”

“So how much longer do you think we can keep this under wraps?”
“As long as we need to.”
“I don’t like this one bit.”
‘You don’t have to. Just keep your cool and all will be fine.”

“Looks like someone is going for blood.”
“This is why we are sitting on the sidelines.”
“They will best each other to nothing and we will be ready to take over.”
“This is why you watch you prey. You look for that weakness and then strike.”
“You have you people close?”
“They will be ready when the time is right.”

“WOW Pops that was some ride. That train took all of our gear and the passenger car was real nice.”
“Well with the shortage of DropShips here they are the next best thing for moving large cargos on land.”
“This place is large. Took us four days and that was a non-stop trip.”
“One of the problems we have here.”
“It is a nice world. Very green and all that water … WOW!”
“True … now about that talk …..”

“So you and you friends and teaches just took all this equipment?”
“Well not took so much, we bought it most of it. Why mom’s ride is gone. Well that and the transport costs.”
“They did not have a problem with all of you leaving the school?”
“Well that is very different. But back to the equipment, a couple of things did get removed and ended up here. Not like we set out to take it, we just had too as it was part of something that we had paid for and the two items have to be together or they don’t work.”
“SO you did take things that you did not pay for.”
“Well …. If you go by the letter of the law yes, but if you take the fact that they under paid staff and help we did pay for it. Just not with money.”
“So what did you bring?”
“Well we can start a new technical school …. Just not a fancy …. But not a fly by night thing either. We have some top teachers and the students that are here want to finish what they started.”
“Well you just may have come at a very ideal time. I will talk with the Governor. She just may want to help settle all of you in.”
“OH before I forget I did bring some working stiffs as well. You said something about drivers and walkers so I talked a few into to joining us.”

GSF supplies arrive

And before any of you ask Winter is the season that everyone wants to be on Nijero  >:D