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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services 
          received Nejiro system October 3068

(13 August 3068)

New Syrtis [FSNS] - Rear Admiral Harwood has reported successfully intercepting yet another Taurian suply convoy as it attempted to resupply the Concordat troops still maintaining a foothold on Electra in the Pleiades Cluster. 
Last month Admiral Harwood's Hydra Assault Squadron caught a flotilla of Concordat military transports attempting to sneak in from one of the system's many pirate points. After a short but spirited engagement led by the Admiral's flagship, the Fortress-Class Ajax, the interlopers were driven off with two DropShips and seven fighters destroyed and a third DropShip crippled. The Hydras lost three fighters, but two of the pilots were later recovered.   
Most disturbing is the report that the marines from Ajax discovered two nuclear devices aboard the crippled TCS Jamestown. The Taurian Concordat holds the dubious distinction of being the only government to refuse to sign the Ares Conventions. The Word of Blake's willingness to use weapons of mass destruction, combined with the desperate situation the Pleiades invaders now face, may have persuaded the Concordat to unleash its nuclear arsenal on the battlfield for the first time in almost three centuries. 
Duke Hasek has yet to comment on this disturbing development, but mercenary troops currently involved in holding off the Taurian threat have called for any Taurian force that dares unleash such weapons to be declared war criminals. 
This is the third time Admiral Harwood's Hydra Assault Squadron has encountered Taurian ships since assuming station in the Pleiades Cluster earlier this year. The Hydra's parent unit, the Medusans, are a mercenary DropShip force under contract to March Lord Hasek since 3061. The Basilisk Squadron - the Medusans' second assault DropShip squadron - is expected to relieve Harwood's command in the new year.   

***Transmission Altered***
"The Taurian Concordat has seen a glimmer of the Truth! Those who betrayed all humankind are a cancer that must be burned from the body of humanity."   
***Alteration Ended***   



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Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Reply #481 on: 11 January 2022, 09:45:46 »

ComStar AP News Services   
            received Nejiro system October 3068   

(16 August 3068)   

Orestes [INN] - Earlier this month, the CSS Bordeaux penetrated the Word of Blake cordon around beseiged Tukayid. Demonstrating great skill and courage, Precentor Forrest Cole, commander of the Bordeaux, successfully lured both of the Blakist WarShips in the Tukayid system out of their position close to the planet. Using his frigate's superior acceleration, Cole exploited the narrow window of opportunity thus created, landing an expeditionary force on Tukayid despite tenacious opposition from the Blakists' remaining aerospace assets. These forces, comprised of elements from the Com Guards' 104th Division, subsequently extracted Primus Mori and several senior Com Guards personnel, who had been trapped onworld under heavy enemy fire for more than six months.   
Though dogged by Blakist naval and aerospace forces all the way to a pirate jump point, the Bordeaux successfully escaped to Orestes. Making planetfall last week, Primus Mori was full of praise for "the heroic efforts of the Com Guards in stemming the evil tide unleashed upon the Inner Sphere." Meanwhile, Com Guards officials report that while the Bordeaux suffered only superficial damage, she inflicted "heavy damage" on the Blakist forces she encountered.   
First Precentor Gavin Dow spoke at length of his joy at Primus Mori's survival. "I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to Anastasias Focht for masterminding the operation that returned our beloved Primus to us. Were it not for the foresight of our former Precentor Martial, I would probably have been charged with the burden of leading ComStar through this current crisis."   

***Transmission Altered***   
"Though he is retired, Focht still plays the puppet master - jerking the strings of his puppet Primus to pull her from our grasp. Do not let his age or apparent lack of position fool you. Focht is a power of which to be wary.
 But at what cost did his tool survive? Fully half the Com Guards that struck Tukayid will stay there permanently, and the damage to their prescious WarShip - one of so few remaining - was far greater than they admit. What cost, Focht? Gavin Dow cannot be happy to see your puppet return. And what action did he take to rescue Mori? He could throw whole divisions against blessed Terra, yet could spare nothing to recue his Primus. Ambition, greed and corruption! This is the new shape into which Focht and his puppet have forged the golden dreams of the blessed Blake. We must open the eyes of our misguided brethren. We must illuminate the truth with a dazzling ray of light."
***Alteration Ended***   


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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ComStar AP News Services   
          received Nejiro System October 3068 

(17 August 3068)   

Ares [CNA] - Despite boasts to the contrary from all levels of the Davion government, the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces have halted the Federated Suns' invasion and are destroying the enemy everywhere they are encountered.   
The invasion, begun just over a month ago, initially targeted worlds in the St. Ives Commonality. George Hasek, Duke of New Syrtis and leader of the Davion military forces along our border with the Federated Suns, justified this illegal and immoral action as military aid to an "independent" St. Ives - an onslaught that killed, injured and left homeless countless thousands - our own glorious military responded swiftly and lethally. Staging counterattacks against the Davion troops in conjunction with true patriots on the beseiged worlds, our military stunned the enemy, costing them their tenuous grasp on five worlds and forcing them to retreat to temporary fortifications they had constructed on six more, including St. Ives and Warlock.   
Already Strategic Military Director Talon Zahn is moving additional forces into the St. Ives Commonality and along the Federated Suns border to deal with what little opposition remains. Reliable sources on the few worlds still beset by the Davion blight report that enemy troops are surrendering wholesale, and those that do not stand down remain bottled up in their bases while Capellan citizens surround them and continually subject them to sniper and bomb attacks.   

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Nejiro News 1
This year the winter season just got two more events added. With two GSF weddings taking place that are big deals all on their own and our normal list of events we will have a very full season.

Hilo TV3
This winter season will be one of the biggest in a long time. Not only will we have the normal events but with the GSF having the Commander getting married and Shuyona Ichizoku Sagai hosting the wedding of two members of the Ironborn this will be one for the books.

HBC News
We have found out that added to this winter’s fun will be two weddings involving the GSF. First up will be the GSF’s commander getting married at Fenikkusu jiin in Yousai. This one will have all the pomp that only can happen at the largest jiin on planet. This will have all the major players on world and will be something to see. Next up will be the wedding of one of our local GSF commands people. The Ironborn will see two of its members married at Sagai Shiro, with Shuyona Ichizoku Sagai acting as host. This will be something all on its own.

Financial Times
All the mover and shakers will be running full tilt this season. Now added two GSF weddings and all the normal events the markets will be rolling.

The Moro Sun-Times
We are adding to must see things to this year’s winter season. December will be the full one with two GSF weddings. Keep your eyes here as we will get as much coverage of both as we can.

The Tarawa Times
Looks like the GSF it looking to try and up-stage Nijero’s winter season. First we have the Commander of the GSF holding her wedding at the Fenikkusu jiin in Yousai and Shuyona Ichizoku Sagai using Sagai Shiro as hall for two of the lesser GSF commands members wedding. Does the GSF not have better things to do with their time?

The Dakuu-orianyusu (Dark Warrior News)
What do we have going on now? We have sell swords acting like they are nobles. They act like they are the center of everything. One might think that the so called leaders would not let this happen but they are the ones promoting this. They use places that should be held with reverence as catering halls. They look to promote these sell swords. So why do you good people put up with these things? Why let some off worlders have the run of this world? Simple, to keep these ….. security forces ….. on world so they keep the power they should not have. To keep all the good working people of this fine world under their thumb.

Shin no wadopuresu (True Word Press)
Looks like they who rule need to play. They do not look after the welfare of this fine world, no they have large parties for the Mercenary troops that are here to protect this world. Protect or party? Well just one more thing that shows they do not care for the people of this fine world, they only care for themselves.

At the spaceport a large group of people are talking with the customs officers getting all the paper work settled for them and the cargo they have. The Duty desk has pulled in extra personal to deal with this very large group.
“I see that your group is late getting here, but all your paper work is in order so getting you procced after we all your people here. We are getting your group some ground transport.” The head of the customs team informs the head of the group.
“Danke schön  … Thank you. You have been most helpful with all of this.” He thanks the officer. “We ran into some connection problems, that is why we are later than the others. Do you have a place that can be used to store some large items?”
“Yes, we have storage houses on the other side of the port or you can rent space at The Enclave.”
“The Enclave?”
“Yes a free trade area not too far from the here.” The officer brings up a map on his pad. “As you can see this area does has many places to store large items. The rates are very good as well. And before I forget this is here for your group.” The officer hands over a data pad. “The first part of your group asked that it be given to you when you got here.”
“Once more thank you very much.” He joins his group reading the pad as he walks over. “OK so they have a place to keep all the toys until we get settled in. I will go to this place they call The Enclave and setup a place for all of us to stay and to store the equipment.” Looking to one of the group. “I will call Benjamin after I find the others. We have places to stay and store our gear in the Enclave. Oscar set it up when he landed. You will take the others to get settled in after everyone has finished the check in.”


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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“Benjamin its Steven we are on-world at the Enclave.”
“Good I will get things setup to get you to Starfall. How is everyone?”
“As best as can be expected, the trip was OK but home is a mess.”
“We are just getting in some of the news of what is going. So far away it takes some time for things to get to us.”
“I have something for Kiah.”
“OK I will have transport for you to come to our base.”

“Steven what brings you all the way out here?” Kiah asks her cousin.
“Well I am here for uncle, he could not make it.”
“Sorry to hear that. So what is going on?”
“Not many good things, I have a message for you.” He hands her a pad.
The data pad she is handed will ask for a bio scan.

It will first give her the list of party members sent out as his Reps, her cousin Steven and her old school master and some others, some other family members (50), plus a Security escort (200) and a group of Settlers (2000)

Then this note
Kaih this is not the way I wanted to do this but due to the times this is how it must be done. I know you have been troubled by the fact that I have not named another as my successor. I do understand why you do not want to be my successor. You do need to know why this had to be. First off my son is not someone that would be the best person for the leadership of the family. He has had the schooling but does not have the proper temperament. You on the other hand have always have. So I know that you will be very happy to know that I do have someone that will take my place when it is time. You do not know this person. Most people do not know of this person. The reason is that to keep her safe I have been keeping this from all but a chosen few I trust most. You are now part of that very small group. You have shown you can be trusted in ways many others cannot.
I had to test many to see just who should take my place. Please understand that part of the test of my son was how he handled my choice of successor. He should have understood how we do things in our family. You understood this is why you were selected and not him. You understand the duty to family not power. So I hope you, if needed will help my daughter Hanna when she takes my place. She is from my second wife. Yes this was held back from all but a very select few. A group you are now part of.
I will ask of you to be second in line until Hanna has someone she picks as her successor.

But this may have been for nothing. The Free Worlds League has launched an attack and they just may take our world.

All my love

You are your parent’s daughter.

Due to the FWL assault Hanna is part of the party I sent. Please look after her. You will know her, in many ways you two are alike.


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Just after sunrise on the morning of Monday the Eighteenth of November, two of the Governors Palace staff post a large ornate easel in the forecourt with a gold leaf framed photo, (embellished with the kamon of the Saganami Dai Ichizoku), of a newborn swaddled in Saganami midnight blue and dark grey blankets, and with a kanji and calligraphy public announcement in an ornate gold leaf frame embellished with saru {monkeys} that reads....

The Staff of the Governors Palace is pleased and delighted to state that Her Honor the Governor was safely delivered, under the care of Midwife Aimi Vorona, Dr. Hanna Karasu Ob-Gyn, Dr. Kira Musashi (Godmother), witnessed by Jack Nakatomi (father), Alik and Lev Butler (manny/bodyguards) {from Madame Ko's Personal Protection Academy}, of a boy child, Yasha Saganami (3.04 kg, 48.68 cm, amber eyes, black hair) the Saganami heir presumptive, at twenty thirty seven the evening of Friday November Fifteenth     

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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“What happened to your security? How could they land here and do that much damage? Do you have any idea how much they cost me?”
“Settle down, we will take of them. If they think they can challenge my people they are very wrong.”
“Well we know who, you need to figure out the how. If they got by you this time then they can do so in the future. We are working with you because you said you would protect us. That we would be the leaders after you took care of her. Well so far she has been doing better then you.”
”To start, this attack we not her. Her forces would not do something like this. We know who did this and will strike back. As for our agreement you also have to work at it. So far you have done very little to prove to the people you, are the better leaders.”

A knock on “Dukes” office door. “Enter.”
“Sir this message was just hand delivered for you” The duty sergeant enters and hands “Duke” a sealed red envelope.
‘Danke.” The outside is red with gold trim and the inside is ivory colored. The letter inside is an ivory colored linen. The letter is hand written in both Kanjin and German.

Frederick Bosche, Lt. General Retired.
Sir while I have not had the honor to meet with you in person or on the field of battle but I think I do know you. I see that you have chosen to serve rather than be Ronin. It takes great courage to choose to serve after one has been a master. The fact that you now serve one that not all that long ago you would have call enemy also speaks well of your duty to service. For this action it is only correct that something that has been in your family so long should be returned to your family so they can fulfill they duty they now perform.
If you will the messenger that has delivered this will bring you to place that has what belongs to you and your family.

With Honor
Sho-sho Tanaka Kei

The young man is waiting for “Duke”
“Sir I have a vehicle. It has room for you and your escort.”

A quick ride to the industrial section of Hilo they stop at a large warehouse. “This is the place sir.”
In the center of the warehouse under spotlights is “GrandMa” from the looks of her she have been given a good refit.
Next to the von Rohrs is a jeep and a tech in Ghost coveralls.
“With Sho-sho Tanaka’s complements.” They young man bows deeply. “The tech will help you get setup sir.”

“Sir we are in the Nejiro system.”
“Good get on the comms and make sure the others are in good shape then get the commander of the Winds of Heaven on the line let them know who we are. After that get the local control on line so we can get these Marines on world.”
“Yes sir.”

“Thank you control the slow burn in will make the medical staff happy.”
“All part of the service TF-3068.3. Have the DS commanders inform us when they are a day out so we can make sure to have the LZ clear and medical transport standing by.”
“Roger that control.”
“One last thing, when you are ground side the Sho-sho will want to see the CO ASAP.”
“Understood, I am sure he will say the same about seeing the Sho-sho.”

Sir this just came in with the new group. We have new orders.” Tai-i Roberts hands over the data pad.
“So what did it say?”
“I do not know sir it needs your scan.”
“That is not good.” Westfield has it scan his eye and then reads the new orders.

“Well looks like I get to pull double duty and you will be getting some extra duty as well Sho-sa.” Westfield smiles at his XO.
“What? Me? How?”
“Simple you have been working very hard from day one. I put you in for it and the Sho-Sho added her name in on the last report.”
“I don’t know what to say.”
‘Thank You is a good start. But don’t get too happy, we are now going to be in command of both this station and The Winds of Heaven for some time. Command does not have anyone to fill the top two slots at this time. We will also be pulling people from the other ships to fill in all the open slots we have. Some of them will be go to the officers we have now and some will come from the other crews. We will also move some of the enlisted up as well.”
“Glad I have all the files then.”
“Well then ….. let’s get to work Sho-sa!”
“Yes Sir Tai-sa!”

“We then you will be doing the same thing we are doing. Move up the younger officers and some of your best enlisted. The DCA will be sending us some replacements but they will all be enlisted.”
“My ship does not have the crew size to be giving up people like this.”
“We are all doing what is needed for the good of the Dragon. I should not be going from ground to ship like I am but I do what is needed. We all do what is needed. You will get replacement crewmembers. I am sure that you have people on board that should have been given better slots before this. Well now they get that chance to show just what they can do. I will not be pulling all of the people we need at one shot. Each ship needs to have the best people they have doing what they do, some will rotate and some will be moved. When the replacements arrive then the assignments will happen. I will also see to it that the new people do get any and all training they need. After all that is what this post is all about.”
“Hai Sha-sa. We all will do what the Dragon requires of us.”

“We are looking into what we can do sir.”
“I want something that will show them I will not be pushed around but not so much that the she witch will be sending her GSF units to help them.”
“We will need to take care that we do not hit the wrong target. A small strike is what I have in mind.”
“I have a recon team checking to see who ordered that strike. Very true it we hit the wrong one it will be bad.”
“Just make sure that we hit the correct target. If we make a mistake she will have her people all over us.”
“Do not be so sure of that. We have setup a very robust defense. If they try anything it will cost them dear.”
“Yes it would, but if we force a response from her it will be much more then we want.”
“She may get help from others as well. If we strike too large or hit the wrong target others will work with her and that will not be good at all.”
“My people will take care and make sure we strike the ones that deserve it and with just the correct force.”

“I have word that the GSF units are now at the other duty stations.”
“Good with these units away they cannot strike with ease.”
“If the others find out what we have done.”
“They will not as long as we do our job correct. They will run around like the fools they are.”
“They do have good people as well.”
“Yes but not on the true path. They look for glory.”

At the far end of the space port the DropShips will be unloading the Marines into the medical transports. “Tai-i the Sho-sho is waiting over this way.”
The very haggard looking Tai-i follows a look of surprise and recognition shows on his face. “Sho-sho it has been sometime.”
“Yes it has. I see that you made battalion commander. Congratulations. The last time I saw you …. you were a very green Chu-i. Please sit and tell me what happened.”


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Tomori Koichizoku {friends until forgotten by death, memory until death}   

colors: saffron, woad, olive   
kamon: athene noctua owl   
Delm: Toyozo Tomori   
Matrona: Hideki Tomori   
Founders MP: Kaouru Tomori
Spokesperson: Lark ibnChausen
Militia: Tomori Chuton-chi {garrison}   
Militia Commander: Yoshi Washizu Tomori         

Associate Member Families: Silla, Washizu, Tanaka, Miura, Rokkaku, Bahur, Bekhit, Palias, Tsakanos, Drakos, Gataki, Bianchi, Leos, Pagoni   

Territory: [map 13] (650 sq km) landhold southwest of Quezon, plus (1950 sq km) property from the coast then inland into the Hinoda Oka {sunrise hills}, plus two islands off the coast of the Cote d'Azur - Zakynthos {amazing and loving} (405.5 sq km) with a spa/resort five star hotel (the Ruby Dawn), a casino (the Golden Maple), several cruise ship berths, two guard gated communities, a resort village with shops and such (Oia {blue fairy queen} famous for its white stone buildings and bright blue roof tiles), with kilometers of white sand beaches, forests, marble quarries, and olive and honey production - Ikaria {the one who reaches the sky} (2367 sq km) a thickly forested mountainous island with the highest peaks in the area (1740 masl), several popular ski slopes and chalets, home to the Pelion Industrial Park (in an isolated valley), and the village of Zagora with orchards of apples, pears, plums, chestnuts, cherries, and plane trees   



Blue Haze Farms - a multifarm cooperative that grows and wholesales peaches, plums, citrus, olives, almonds, cashews, macadamia, woad, rubber trees, rosemary, oregano, canabis, basil, cilantro, sage, coconut, mango, papaya, pomegranate, sweet potato, queensland blue pumpkin, red saffron, sesame, poppy, cumin, luffa, sweet leaf, banana, sugar cane, agave, cocoa, coffee, tea, ducks, rabbits, chickens, geese, boar, goats   

Berry Sweet Farm - pick your own seasonal groves growing a variety of berries, table grapes, almonds, citrus, olives, figs, dates and flowers with two locations an open acreage family farm on the landhold, and vertical and rooftop farms in downtown Quezon

Aerostar - designs, engineers, and manufactures aerobatic and aviation sport aircraft, parachutes, gliders, military vtols, military jets, bush planes, air taxis, air bus, air freighter, uav freighters, light jets, personal jets, ultra long range jets, business jets, parts, repair and maintenance services, the Aerostar Air Display Team, Aerospace Racing 

Tomori Chuo {central} - performs research and development in a wide range of fields   

Yokoito to Yokoito {weft and warp} - manufactures textile machinery

Second Measure - using geospatial data sourcing, image processing, machine learning, large databases, and statistical analytics to perform big data analytics and forecast results

Illumio - digital education platform with more than forty million study materials and courses for students from pre-k to university, also vocational, adult learning, and professional training classes   

Cloud Bees - secure cloud services and data protection

Tomori's - chain of brick oven thin crust pizza cafes located in Quezon and the landhold that also serves subs, pasta, wings, beer and wine, granita {italian ices}, gelato, tiramisu, and cannoli   

Cosmo Energy Group - corporate divisions: exploration and production, solid hydrogen collection, transportation, stockpiling, sales, distribution, retail and franchise operations, military clean diesel and jet fuels production and supply, service station asset management, lubricating oil, hydrogen fuel cell production, petrochemicals, refineries, renewable and sustainable energy production, electric power, trading, engineering, marketing, research and development     

Nishiki {brocade} - designs and manufactures bicycles that are focused on a combination of style, design, taste, and high quality and offers a wide range of products that include mountain bikes, bmx bikes, off road bikes, cyclocross bikes, commuter bikes, folding bikes, electric bikes, hybrid bikes, touring bikes, utility bikes, comfort bikes, children's bikes, scooters, racing bikes, fat bikes, cruiser bikes, recumbent bikes, track bikes, accessories, parts, and tools   

Bianchi {blank, pale, white} - worldwide retail chain of brick and mortar bicycle sales and rentals, pro shops, accessories and tools, also assembly, maintenance, and repair services

Ergane {industrious} - high school day school for vocational education and training for artisans, technicians, and craftspeople with campuses on the landhold and Quezon   

Mathletes - coder and hacker collective think tank

Sound Hound - creates machine learning audio fonts for voice enabled AI technology, real time audio translations with captioning services, has an audio streaming service and app for music and podcasts 

Plume - secure wifi delivery platform   

Signifyd - fraud protection services for business and personal clients 

Arachne's Web - makers of fine stringed musical instruments (electric and acoustic)   

Wing - on demand drone delivery service with partnerships with several restaurants, and also digital, and brick and mortar stores in the region, drones may carry up to fourteen kilograms and travel at speeds up to one hundred thirteen kilometers per hour, and have a range of twelve hundred kilometers

Sumi Inks {already, india inks} - crafts and manufactures printing, calligraphy, art, and tattoo inks 

Tomori Kenjustsu Ryu - dojo teaching kendo, moving meditation, unarmed martial arts, and self-defense   

Parthenos Strategic - (Pelion Industrial Park) manufactures firearms, ammunition, energy weapons, non-lethal weapons, crossbows, missile systems, detection tests and devices, armor, munitions, explosives, small detection and device manipulation robots, remote operated vehicles, armed and armored drones, defense systems, security systems, has research and development labs

Mame no Suhai {bean worship} - grows, buys, roasts, and grinds coffee and cocoa beans for wholesale, crafts gourmet food and beverages (chocolate milk, cold brew coffee drinks, fudge, brownies, coffee cakes, sauces and rubs, chocolate bars, cookies and wafers) for luxury retail

Glaux {little owl} - cross platform app development, web services, web development, software development studio, video game development studio, publisher, development support, and lifecycle management 

Athena Project - space built stellar satellites for gps location tracking, communication, and monitoring, also manufactures cameras, lenses, and sensors for science, exploration, and stellar communications, also designs and manufactures stellar and ocean navigation systems   

Windriders - crafts and manufactures fishing, cargo, sport, and pleasure type powered sailing vessels, specializing in craft with easy transitions from river to sea 

Zakynthos Consortia - the holding company for several of the island tourist companies including the Tzante Cruise line, Collette world travel and tour company, the Ruby Dawn hotel, the Golden Maple casino, the Zakynthos Marine Park and Reserve (36000 hectares) several tavernas, Oia resort village and port

Mala Sowa (small owl) - 'a universe of extraordinary items' digital marketplace featuring unique, creative, handcrafted, vintage, and custom products

Cloth of Gold - manufactured and custom made richly decorated deluxe and luxury cotton canvas or PVDF yurt, safari, or belle shaped glamping tents from twenty four to ninety square meters, also crafts and manufactures amenities and accessories (solar electric generators, stoves, tubs, furniture, rugs, wall hangings, canopies, wooden platforms and decks, bathrooms, kitchens, hot tubs, saunas, and more), delivery and assembly services available   

Pure Sugar - manufactures themed pens, pencils, brushes, stationery, notebooks, scrapbooks, journals, erasers, glue, washi tape, clips, stickers, arts and crafts supplies, kits and sets, and greeting cards   

Quezon Institute of Science 'QIS' - mission to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education, we investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science and technology in a singularly collegial,  interdisciplinary atmosphere, while educating outstanding students to become creative members of society - there are six academic divisions: Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Applied Science, Geology and Planetary Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics * Astronomy * Physics - first year students are required to board on campus in the House system (of which there are currently ten, designed and built with the assistance of the student body in differing styles as past graduate class projects) on a fifty ha campus on the western border of the city of Quezon near the coastline - extracurriular activities include ROTC, athletics from diving to association football and several other intercollegiate sports and activities with beloved beaver mascot (natures engineer) Kastor {to excel, to shine}, several acapella groups, competitive cheerleading, surfing, sailing, rowing, kendo, orchestra, competive marching bands, performance glee clubs, theater and film arts, and a wide selection of social clubs - not to be missed events include: Ditch Day where the seniors ditch school and leave behind elaborately designed puzzles and traps at their doors then dare the underclassmen to enter (this has evolved to the point where seniors spend months designing mechanical, electrical, and softwear obstacles that are stacked and combined with other seniors projects to confound the underclassmen - some of these projects count towards students grades), Finals Week features Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie played at top volume across the campus at seven am every morning (some of the social and performance clubs have public 'entertaining reactions'), the long standing rivalry with Nagoya University on the east side of Quezon has resulted in a vicious Prank War - now with an official yearly contest sponsored by the City Council to outdo each other that takes place in and around a few shared facilities in downtown Quezon during Fall Break that includes staged illusions, flash mob performances, candid camera style setups, objects in unusual places, hacked systems for visual and audio 'art' purposes, and of course the march of the robots (sometimes battles or performance pieces), all covered by the local media stations - sights to be seen on campus include the Athenaeum {a building dedicated to Athena goddess of wisdom, where poets, philosophers, scholars, and orators gather to read and discuss their work} a mediterranean revival style building furnished with antiques and embellished with hand painted vaulted ceilings and arches, polished wood paneled walls, hand forged sconces, bronze and crystal chandeliers, rich brocade tapestries, ornate corinthian columns, and lush landscaping housing the QIS Faculty Club and private social club with membership available only to QIS graduate students and individuals who hold teaching, research, or administrative positions at QIS, NASA {Nejiro Air & Space Agency}, NASA Propulsion Labs and other QIS affiliated facilities, the club has private entrances and parking for members and includes a variety of premier restaurants and dining options, a private hotel with several named suites such as The Einstein, The Hypatia, The Kearny-Fuchida, The Zhang, The Dream Pool, The Tapputi, The Da Vinci, The Banzai, and The Archimedes, there are several libraries, lounges, salons, tennis courts, a golf course, an indoor olympic pool, an outdoor waterfall pool complex with fire features and cabanas, social and corporate event venues, ballrooms and reception halls, and a breathtaking and romantic wedding venue - also on campus is The Garden of Teaching Virtues the most beautiful gardens in Quezon which are open for public tours, they consist of the traditional eight landscapes and eight borders and are known for their originality, and the pond in the shape of the character kokoro or shin {heart} 

QIS affiliated programs and facilities:   

Observatory Galilei - NASA stellar telescope system 

National Science Foundation - offers funds and grants for government supported fundamental science, math, and engineering education and research   

Surya {the sun} - NASA solar observatory orbiting Kiiro no Hoshi 5467   

NASA Propulsion Labs

Nejiro Geological Survey 

Founders Library - keeps a print and/or digital copy of every book and media piece created in the Nejiro system, plus as many interstellar works as possible     

Eruburasu Submillimeter Observatory - located on Mt. Eruburasu (the largest peak in the Kiso Mountains, it has a very distinct profile that graces the Flag of Nejiro)   

Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory 

Nekokobu Marine Laboratory {cat cove} - a marine reserve (the entire cove plus several kilometers of coastline inland) that includes several labs, and a marine museum and library on the coast north of Quezon, it includes a small fleet of research vessels   

Nanoscience Institute

Institute for Space Studies 

Einstein Papers Project - collects, translates, and publishes the scholarly and academic works of humanities most important scientists digitally and on paper 

Infrared Processing Analysis Center

Cosmic Vision Space Telescope - a multioptic and multisensor telescope system that orbits at the boundary of the stellar system 

Joint Center for Translational Medicine - experimental research into clinical application partnered with the Quezon School of Medicine, Quezon General, Nagoya University, Sakamura Medical School, Sakamura Iryo Senta, Sakamura Laboratories, and Raissonne University Hospital (Hilo)   

QIS Office of Technology - protects and manages the intellectual property developed by faculty, students, and affiliated researchers, it handles the licensing and transfer of technology to the commercial sector, QIS holds 1893 patents   

SURF -  summer undergraduate research fellowships   

Project Vista - a yearly joint project with the Nejiro Defense Troop, the NPO, the DCA and DCMS (when available), and various Ichizoku military forces to improve the relationship between tactical air support, tactical naval support (sea and space), and ground troops     

ArtCenter College of Design - a liberal, visual, and performing arts university with a fifteen ha campus directly south of the QIS campus   

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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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“Militia control this is Heaven trucking convoy 0824, we are in route to Fune from Bridges and are under attack from unknown ‘Mech and vehicle forces. Please send help.”

“Militia Command to GSF we have a convoy under attack by unknown forces. They are between Fune and Bridges. Please send in a rescue force.”
“GSF command to Militia Command roger. Rescue force will be on the way in the hour. What is the channel that the convoy is on?”

“GSF Command to all units we have a civilian convoy under attack by unknown forces between Fune and Bridges. All commands will dispatch units to assist. Standard force deployment.”

“OK all vehicles pedal to the metal. If we can make to that group of hills we can use the caves as cover until help arrives.”
“Roger convoy leader.”
“Security has the rear.”

OK so new mission.
Normal drill pick your units. Keep in mind units that are now at other sites.
you have a couple of weeks.


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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Kapten Bjornsen opens the door. He merely sighs as he sees his aide already has his comm receiver up and ready to make the call his Kapten would need. "Good. Get Nestor, Reina Rolfsdotter, Ismo Tapio,and Julius Malmsten. Have them meet me in the briefing room, now. Tell them wheels up in thirty. Briefing in five."

******Five minutes Later******

Kapten Bjornsen stands in front of a small room, a map on the wall behind him, with two towns circled. "These are the cities of Bridges and Fune. A convoy between the two was just attacked. We have confirmation of Mechs and Vehicles among the attackers. Seeing as this may turn into a running battle, I'm sending some of our more mobile assets... you. I'm going along, but I don't expect to get involved in the shooting unless I have to. Most of you have worked with me before. If you haven't now's your chance. I know we don't have tremendous firepower, but If we can get the attackers off the convoy and onto us, I'll consider that a mission win. I want to see all of your troopers, crewmen and yourselves come back alive. Mech and tanks are replaceable. Lives are not. Dismissed."

Griffin GRF-3M with Ice Queen.
Kyudo KY2-D-02 with Mine Dancer
Warrior H-7 Twister - Sgt Ismo Tapio
Blizzard "Winter's Wish" with the 11th Combat Engineers and the 151st Heavy SRM Platoon - Kapten Marius Bjornsen(unit C.O.), Lt. Julius Malmsten
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Re: Battletech Long Island III
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Just after sunrise on the morning of Monday the Eighteenth of November, two of the Governors Palace staff post a large ornate easel in the forecourt with a gold leaf framed photo, (embellished with the kamon of the Saganami Dai Ichizoku), of a newborn swaddled in Saganami midnight blue and dark grey blankets, and with a kanji and calligraphy public announcement in an ornate gold leaf frame embellished with saru {monkeys} that reads....

The Staff of the Governors Palace is pleased and delighted to state that Her Honor the Governor was safely delivered, under the care of Midwife Aimi Vorona, Dr. Hanna Karasu Ob-Gyn, Dr. Kira Musashi (Godmother), witnessed by Jack Nakatomi (father), Alik and Lev Butler (manny/bodyguards) {from Madame Ko's Personal Protection Academy}, of a boy child, Yasha Saganami (3.04 kg, 48.68 cm, amber eyes, black hair) the Saganami heir presumptive, at twenty thirty seven the evening of Friday November Fifteenth   

when the notice of the birth is presented to kiah she is very excited. she has her people compose a congratulations present a handcrafted toy box that looks like a Viking longboat and is filled with hand carved blocks and toys for the baby and for the mother a large basket of artisan breeds, cheeses and dried meat as well as sparkling ciders(non acholic) and one bottle of 100 year old apple mead from her private stock