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Author Topic: Saint George Utah games  (Read 5534 times)


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Saint George Utah games
« on: 01 February 2011, 23:25:00 »
I would like to extend the offer that anyone in the South West Utah area is welcome to message me and we can see about setting up a BT game session. Not sure exactly how long of a campaign we can run since I will be moving within the next 6 months... But I would love to run some games. I have the 2nd Ed boxed set and the 4th Ed boxed set as well as a few DA minis. I also have most of the book materials needed to run a game up until the Jihad (no Jihad Terra book or anything later than that).

If interest let me know. Just in case you did not know if you are in the area the surrounding areas are Mesquite, NV; Saint George, UT; Hurricane, UT; Santa Clara, UT; Washington, UT; Ivins, UT; Cedar City, UT; and anywhere else you might live and wish to travel here...