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Author Topic: Russellville Arkansas  (Read 234 times)


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Russellville Arkansas
« on: 17 October 2022, 09:51:48 »
Anyone around the area play or paint? I am looking to start going to the local game shop (Good to GO) here in town sadly they only carry D&D and GW but they have no issues with other games or painting in the shop. They also maybe able to order stuff up for us. Several tables to play on and no problems with us making our own terrain.

I am not a fan of GW or D&D I am more of a stompy mechs and wargames that involve ships or planes. I have a couple of WWI and WWII combat games that I like. Would be willing to play BT or try any other games or just sit and chat and paint.

Hit me up if you are in the area...
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