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Author Topic: Hypothetical Question Regarding Clantech  (Read 633 times)


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Hypothetical Question Regarding Clantech
« on: 24 March 2023, 12:26:03 »
Now, I'm not sure if anyone has ever addressed something like this, but I may as well ask it. If, for some reason, someone from the Periphery or Inner Sphere uncovers a cache of Clantech on a world once held by the Clans; but rather than keep the tech and get all the major ramifications thereof, they decide to RETURN the tech to the Clan the tech belongs to, no questions asked, no strings attached. How would this occur? Would the Clan in question accept the tech back, would they let the person keep the tech, or would they kill him or make him a bondsman and take the tech anyway?


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Re: Hypothetical Question Regarding Clantech
« Reply #1 on: 24 March 2023, 12:38:23 »
All answers provided are given with the disclaimer "it depends on both who's doing the giving and which Clan is doing the receiving".

Would the Clan in question accept the tech back

Of course they would. Who wouldn't accept free tech being handed out in the BattleTech universe?  ;D

would they let the person keep the tech

Highly unlikely at best.

would they kill him

It's certainly possible; either through a Trial or declaring them dezgra and fragging them.

make him a bondsman and take the tech anyway?

They aren't going to slap a bondcord on them if they don't feel as if they will be a useful and productive member of the Clan. Returning lost Clantech, IMO, is not a reason to put a bondcord on someone.

Here's a better question: who in their right mind would try to do this in the first place? It seems like an incredibly risky prospect at best and straight-up suicide at worst.
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Re: Hypothetical Question Regarding Clantech
« Reply #2 on: 27 March 2023, 16:33:51 »
The ONLY known example we have of this is in Ghost of Winter where a sort-of mercenary finds a Viper cache put in place before the Invasion.  The Vipers landed on the Periphery world to 'prepare' it for the Invasion . . . they wiped out the merc lance protecting the mining station and occupied the world until the rest of the mercs showed up to wipe out the Viper (maybe solahma w/bad mechs?) garrison.

A hidden base had been built back in the cliffs with a star of mechs, which he found when pirate playing as Clanners showed up and wiped out his garrison lance (yes you read correctly, the merc garrison was wiped out twice in about 10 years?) as part of trying to find the cache they some how heard about.  But the merc tripped the interstellar alarm and this distant post's HPG ended up with a message about enjoying what you find thieves.  Or some such.  Hard to imagine the Vipers doing anything but slitting the throat of the mechwarrior returning that gear.

Just to note, the POV character DID keep the mech until his nemesis defeated him to steal it.  But there for a while, one person was responsible for bringing a lance (all that survived kicking pirates out) into a lower tier merc unit.
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