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Author Topic: Taylor Fast Artillery Tank  (Read 667 times)


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Taylor Fast Artillery Tank
« on: 06 May 2022, 13:33:15 »
Taylor Fast artillery tank

Mass: 50 tons
Movement Type: Hover
Power Plant: Nissan
Cruising Speed: 86.4 kph
Maximum Speed: 129.6 kph
Armor: StarSlab FF
     1 Arrow IV
Manufacturer: Grumman
     Primary Factory: Terra
Communication System: Transcomm 12
Targeting & Tracking System: Transcomm WDS40A+C3i
Introduction Year: 3058
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-E-X
Cost: 4,165,000 C-bills


The Teukros fast artillery tank was medium hovertank developed in the late 3050s by Grummon on Terra. It was intended to meet Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht’s desire for an artillery unit with good strategic mobility that could threaten the flanks and rear of attacking forces, in particular the Clans.

Following the victory of Tukayyid in 3052, ComStar had proven its ability to use combined arms to defeat a technologically superior but strategically limited foe. In particular the Com Guards’ use of artillery proved to be quite effective. While the Chaparral, Thor, and Marksman combat vehicles had proved their worth on the battlefield, they all shared a common weakness: they were slow.

While air strikes allowed the Com Guards to provide rapid response to developing combat situations, the inability of either ComStar or Clan forces to gain air superiority left him with a sense that a higher mobility artillery unit had a place on the modern battlefield. Focht turned to Com Star’s science and research arm and informed him of their desired. They in turn turned to Grumman.


Grumman had long been the sole manufacturer of the Arrow IV artillery system in the Inner Sphere. While this system had been re-introduced throughout the Inner Sphere as a result of the discover of the Helm Memory Core, Grumman had been working with the weapons system nearly since its creation in the 26fh century. They and the S&R division of Com Star reasoned that its relative light weight and its low recoil would make it the natural choice for a unit with high strategic mobility.

Grumman initially considered placing the launcher on a specially constructed VTOL unit, but while this was possible the resulting stability issues resulted in long range fire that was inaccurate at best. Instead, a high speed hover platform was used. This platform had a top speed well in excess of 120 kph, as well as the ability to cross bodies of water.

As speed was considered essential, mass was kept quite low. No secondary weapons system was included, as it was intended that the unit be able to run away from anything that might get near it. While the spec had originally called for a C3 slave unit for ease of targeting, a improved distributed C3 unit was equipped instead. This unit massed considerably more, but it did not require a master unit that could easily be either destroyed or disrupted by ECM.

The resulting hover tank, dubbed the Taylor after a 19th century American general, proved quite promising in testing. It was capable of outrunning even most light mechs fielded by the Clans, if not through outright speed then by retreating over nearby bodies of water. The inclusion of the C3 system meant that under the right circumstances it could be pinpoint accurate, even while on the move.


Sadly while the Taylor did indeed meet the requirements set forward by Focht, it would never see deployment. The Taylor was undergoing evaluation at Aberdeen proving ground in North America when the Word of Blake kicked off Operation: ODYSSEUS in 3058. The evaluation units were disassembled and undergoing maintenance examination when the initial invasion began.

Hastily reassembled, these units were placed into the field in an attempt to repel Blakist forces. Unfortunately they were unable to get more than a few salvos away before being destroyed by aerospace fighters belonging to the Word of Blake 1st Division.

Code: [Select]
Type: Taylor
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Movement Type: Hover
Tonnage: 50
Battle Value: 948

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                    5
Engine                        165 Fusion             10
    Cruising MP: 8
    Flank MP: 12
Heat Sinks:                   10                      0
Control Equipment:                                  2.5
Lift Equipment:                                     5.0
Power Amplifier:                                    0.0
Turret:                                             1.5
Armor Factor (Ferro)          98                    5.5

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   5         23   
     R/L Side               5/5      20/20   
     Rear                    5         15   
     Turret                  5         20   

and Ammo                    Location    Tonnage     
Improved C3 Computer          Body        2.5     
Arrow IV Thunder Ammo (5)     Body        1.0     
Arrow IV Homing Ammo (5)      Body        1.0     
Arrow IV Ammo (5)             Body        1.0     
Arrow IV                     Turret       15.0