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Author Topic: Battletech Claymore (aka wheeled vehicle with M-Pods)  (Read 119 times)

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Battletech Claymore (aka wheeled vehicle with M-Pods)
« on: 21 November 2020, 22:33:59 »
Got the idea from Nightsong here, along with the "Screaming Meemie" from the Legacy of the Aldenata books, so I made one.

Battletech Claymore (aka SRM Carrier with M-Pods)
Code: [Select]
Base Tech Level: Inner Sphere Advanced (ISA), 3064+
Weight: 60 tons
BV: 637
Cost: 653,250 C-bills

Movement: 3/5 (Wheeled)
Engine: 160 ICE (12 tons)
Internal: 30 (6 tons)
Armor: 248 (15.5 tons)
Internal    Armor
Front       6         30
Right       6         34
Left        6         34
Rear        6         75
Turret      6         75

Weapons Mass    Loc    Heat
15 * M-Pod       15     TUR      0

Leftover: 7 tons cargo/upgrade capacity, 2 upgrade slots

The entire purpose of this vehicle is refreshingly simple.  Drive dangerously close to the enemy, select 'All', and press the Big Red Button.  After firing everything off the drivers often have standing orders to find somewhere to hide, as the turret crew cannot give orders due to them being in too much pain from being slammed back and forth by the charges being fired.  This is the purpose of the higher rear armor, to remind the crew that they should never be seen approaching a target.

The 7 ton cargo bay is shaped strangely and as a result can only hold 3 tons worth of infantry while the remaining 4 tons are good only for cargo.  This is because the cargo space is designed to have a Probe and an AMS installed in that cargo space, along with CASE for the AMS ammo.  The AMS is designed to be installed on the rear, because that is the part that should be facing a known enemy.  The Probe is used when in an urban environment to allow the vehicle to hunt down its prey without the prey seeing it.

It is simple, it is brutal, and crews often report malfunctions with any part of it rather than be assigned to drive one of them in combat.


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Re: Battletech Claymore (aka wheeled vehicle with M-Pods)
« Reply #1 on: 22 November 2020, 01:22:20 »
love it.
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