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Author Topic: Disassembler Heavy Tank (by Quickscell)  (Read 458 times)


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Disassembler Heavy Tank (by Quickscell)
« on: 19 September 2020, 16:55:44 »
Quickscell had, at the latter end of the Third Succession War, found a market niche it did not have significant penetration in, as difficult to believe such a thought may seem to many.

That segment of course being Assault weight tanks, a portion of the market that was considered to be potentially exceedingly lucrative, especially in the Lyran Commonwealth.
Naturally this situation could not stand, at least in the eyes of shareholders and executives alike.

The idea of licensing an existing chassis was dismissed out of hand as too expensive, while intellectual property infringement was deemed slightly too risky.
Mostly due to the fact that the company was at the time already dealing with a convoluted joint lawsuit by several of their competitors regarding the Quickscell version of the Manticore tank.

Of course, due to unfortunate reputational issues stemming from what internal company memos referred to as 'Reasonable production optimizations to maximize product value', any Quickscell product would need to be cheaper than the competition and preferably have some other advantage while doing so. Otherwise, no one would even consider buying them, not in numbers envisioned.

And thus the engineering team serving in the Lyran branch of the company was tasked with producing a cheaper, more 'capable' version of a Demolisher. Without producing a new, custom chassis and the associated tooling. Preferably yesterday.

Needless to say, these conflicting requirements created some moderate consternation for the nominal engineers working for Quickscell. In sheer desperation, they tasked their juniors to go over every non-combat vehicle being produced by the company, while the more senior members tried to design a chassis using existing stock of Scorpion tank parts.

While the latter attempt(s) produced little more than exploded scrap metal (Arguably, not that different a state from usual), it was one of the unpaid interns who had been further delegated to trawl through the disorganized archival rooms, that struck the proverbial Germanium.

An 80-ton wheeled, environmentally sealed cargo carrier that was already designed to be fitted with heavy industrial armor. Of course, the company had stopped producing the vehicle due to low demand but the tooling had been accidentally preserved due to a bureaucratic error instead of converted for other uses. Rapidly, the tooling was shipped to Gallery where a crude, open tent production line was set up for building test vehicles. An equally crude blueprint was rushed through, featuring a turret mounting two autocannons used in the company's existing Hetzer line of vehicles with several missile launchers of unspecified type, and named Experimental Model 699 Heavy Tank.

Problems began as soon as the first test turret was fired with military grade ammunition.

Half a dozen unfortunate nearby workers died as the turret rapidly disassembled itself when firing both cannons, flinging one of the massive Class-20 autocannons into a nearby worksite barrack, crushing all inside.

Various issues with the initial dual cannon housing included, but were not limited to; 'severe electric motor fires', 'explosive gas seal rupture' ,'partial structural collapse', 'missile double feeding' and an 'unexpected severe ammunition ignition event'. Unable to make a functional turret, the senior engineering team decided to drop the dual cannon concept for the time being, and focus on making a functional vehicle instead.

The result of this process would be the Model 700 Heavy Tank (somewhat unfortunately) named the Disassembler by the presumably oblivious Quickscell marketing team, a clear knock-off of the Demolisher brand.

The initial model would mount a single Class-20 autocannon on the right side of the turret, fed by two tons of ammunition. This was complimented by triple mounted SRM6 launchers on the left side fed by two tons of ammo. Suprisingly, while less effective at punching holes through 'Mech armor, this "choice" did provide near equal overall firepower and the ability to exploit any compromised armor sections. For mostly marketing purposes, two LRM5 launchers are also mounted in the turret sides, in ear-like boxes. 

Unfortunately the right side LRM box suffers from a production flaw that occasionally causes the missile launcher to jam if the Class-20 is fired while the launcher is mid-loading, as the reloading mechanism can literally break apart due to welding-errors. Three machineguns sourced from the Scorpion tank are mounted to deter infantry, a genuine upgrade, along with a single ton of ammunition to feed them. Instead of a sophisticated (and more expensive) remote weapon control system, each machine gun requires a gunner to man them in poorly sound proofed compartments.

Ten and half-tons of standard armor plate allow Quickscell company to legally claim that the Disassembler has 'Superior protection'. In practice, there is little difference in actual defence provided, outside of frontal arc, where a single additional medium laser hit can be survived.

One downside of the wheeled chassis is a compromised cross-country performance, though this is theoretically somewhat offset by the improved road march ability.

What would prove worse for the reputation of the vehicle was that the first three production blocks of the Disassembler had one in a six chance of being true namesakes.
That is to say, they literally had the chassis fall apart after firing around six to eight tons of autocannon ammunition due to vibration and poor-quality metals used in the hull segments.

The jokes that would circulate through the military community effectively wrote themselves.

While this was corrected, eventually, it would take nearly decades before anyone actually paid for their vehicles before they had fired at least a dozen tons of Class-20 ammunition. Often potential-buyers would bill Quickscell for this testing, and after an humiliating court-judgement turned stand-up comedy session in 2991, were actually legally required to pay in the Free Worlds League.

Four years of development work would enable the Disassembler to mount twin cannons as originally intended, though all of the missile launchers had to be omitted as not to compromise protection. The Model 750, as according to internal company designation system, retains the machine guns and provides the second autocannon with another two tons of ammunition.

Overall, the Model 700 and Model 750 are mostly used by various militia and second-line units as a cheaper, less desirable alternative to the Demolisher. Some smaller (desperate) mercenary commands also make use of the Disassembler.

Code: [Select]
Disassembler Heavy Tank
Model 700 Disassembler
Base Tech Level: Introductory (IS)
Level          Era
Experimental    - 
Advanced        - 
Standard      2983+
Tech Rating: E/X-E-D-D

Weight: 80 tons
BV: 1,026
Cost: 1,754,667 C-bills
Source: The Succession Wars

Movement: 3/5 (Wheeled)
Engine: 220 ICE

Internal: 40
Armor: 168
        Internal  Armor   
Front          8     45   
Right          8     31   
Left           8     31   
Rear           8     21   
Turret         8     40   

Weapons      Loc  Heat 
AC/20         TU    7   
SRM 6         TU    4   
SRM 6         TU    4   
SRM 6         TU    4   
Machine Gun   FR    0   
Machine Gun   LS    0   
LRM 5         TU    2   
LRM 5         TU    2   
Machine Gun   RS    0   

Ammo              Loc  Shots 
AC/20 Ammo         BD      5 
AC/20 Ammo         BD      5 
SRM 6 Ammo         BD     15 
SRM 6 Ammo         BD     15 
Machine Gun Ammo   BD    200 
LRM 5 Ammo         BD     24 

Because what could go wrong when Quicksell decides to make a heavy tank? :D
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Re: Disassembler Heavy Tank (by Quicksell)
« Reply #1 on: 19 September 2020, 17:06:46 »
Love the story! And not actually a bad design, if it worked ...
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Re: Disassembler Heavy Tank (by Quicksell)
« Reply #2 on: 19 September 2020, 17:10:52 »
Bring your AC20 ammo to the firing range before putting it to use then!

Great story. I do not dig the design, but that is because I do not dig the demolisher either. Well done with a very quickscell design!


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Re: Disassembler Heavy Tank (by Quickscell)
« Reply #3 on: 20 September 2020, 04:55:50 »
Should get the Black Pants Legion to write a skit of that court session! :D

Not exactly a great vehicle, but given its design goals that's what you get. :) But you missed one thing that would have added a little more hilarity; of course the MG gunners only has small magazines so they have to manually reload their guns (from the central ammo bin) all the time!


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Re: Disassembler Heavy Tank (by Quickscell)
« Reply #4 on: 21 September 2020, 09:54:18 »
Thanks for the positive responses, I simply suddenly got the urge to write something that at least attemps to reach the lofty heights of 'mildly amusing'.
And what do you know, I had a custom vehicle that I'd used in a campaign and no fluff to go with it.

Should get the Black Pants Legion to write a skit of that court session! :D

Not exactly a great vehicle, but given its design goals that's what you get. :) But you missed one thing that would have added a little more hilarity; of course the MG gunners only has small magazines so they have to manually reload their guns (from the central ammo bin) all the time!

The forum sort of ate an edit I made to it last night that had the machine guns be sourced from Scorpion Light tank, due to a server error of some sort?

That is a fun idea, and if I'd thought of it I would've probably added it or something additional regarding the compartments.

Still, to be fair to Quickscell, they might not have any notion of quality control or production efficiency (AKA Toyota Production System) but they're presumably going to cheap out on everything. Which means just using systems they already make, and for whatever other problems Quickscell made vehicles have, the machine gun and its feeding system on the Scorpion presumably work. When they're not missing parts and are made to something approaching the specification, that is.

I'd expect the unfortunate machine gunners' ergonomics to be positively Soviet-like, since I envisioned the compartments as mostly sealed boxes slapped unto the otherwise sizable hull.

But if you wind up using the (Self-)Disassembler for campaign and want to inflict maximum suffe-I mean "fun" on your players, feel free to add this optional "errata" to the description:

Code: [Select]
To make matters worse for the estwhile machine gunners the otherwise dependable rotary weapons are fed via four 25 round magazines,
as running more traditional ammunition feeds proved prone to nearly crushing gunner's limbs when the electric traverse was utilized.
Even with the rate of fire reduction from the factory, the hundred cartridges rarely last more than a few bursts, requiring frequent reloading.
Due to a regrettable design oversight the loading mechanism incorporated requires that all four magazines are removed during loading procedure, as otherwise the gun fails to feed.
Dismally, once the (insufficient) ready rack magazines are spent, rest of the ammumition is located in a central ammo bin.
that the gunners have to reach by crawling through a cramped access hatch located in each machine gun compartment.

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Re: Disassembler Heavy Tank (by Quickscell)
« Reply #5 on: 24 September 2020, 23:51:46 »
Almost the unit u pay to be sent to your enemies  :thumbsup:
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Re: Disassembler Heavy Tank (by Quickscell)
« Reply #6 on: 25 September 2020, 15:36:04 »
Ahh, Quickscell. The company that no-one wants to buy from, but often have to.

Like the story, love the tank. If it worked it'd be actually good.
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