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Author Topic: Hetzer - Hunter Upgrade  (Read 359 times)


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Hetzer - Hunter Upgrade
« on: 09 May 2021, 16:02:05 »
The Hetzer is a very limited vehicle. Being wheeled, it cannot cross most of terrains. The main weapon of the standard version, the AC/20 offers good damage but with short range which is a major problem in a vehicle that is not particularly fast and have no turret.

This is a possible upgrade that requires the replacement of the engine for a larger one, rated at 180 (same as used in the SRM/Carrier and the Galleon light tank) to give a speed 5/8. Armor remains the same and the AC/20 is replaced by an AC/10 with 20 rounds. Damage is lower but range is much better. The new variant is fast enough to pursue medium mechs and position much quicker on the map.

Tech level:   Inner Sphere / 3025
Config:   Wheeled Vehicle
Design level:   Level 1, Standard design
Tonnage:   40
Power Plant:   180 I.C.E.
Cruise speed:   54 km/h
Maximum speed:   86.4 km/h
Jump jets:   None
Armor type:   StarSlab 6 Standard
Armament:   1   Autocannon/10 [Front]
Manufacturer:   Quickcell Company
Communication System:   Johnston Q-Band
Targeting & Tracking System:   Scantrex Dual Tac

Cruise MP:   5   
Flank MP:   8   
Jumping MP:   0   
Heat Sinks:   0 Single   
Crew: 3 members   
Armor Factor:   96 pts Standard   

Front        30
Left/Right   22/22
Rear             22
Weapons & Equipment: 1   Autocannon/10   Front    (20   rounds)
Total Cost:   528`000 C-Bills
Battle Value 1:   306
Battle Value 2:   512
Cost/BV:   1031 C-Bill/BV