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Author Topic: Autobattles, place your bets, get your own random mech and win the championship!  (Read 442 times)


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Hi, wanted to show you a little script i made for Battletech/Roguetech. It creates Ko-Tournaments between 8 Teams, randomly generated lances out of 4000+ mechvariants. Viewers can bet C-Bills and get their own mech to cheer on!

Current features (more to come)​

    - Random lances out of all the 4000+ mechs from roguetech
    - Random maps
    - Randomly skilled pilots
    - betting with C-Bills, just for bragging rights as of now
    - Tournament-Mode, 8 AI-Teams, winner faces the champion
    - Viewers can get their own random mech named after them. Write something in chat and the bot will consider you!


   - 8 Teams with 4 mechs each, randomly generated mechs and pilots
   - KO-System, 4 Quarterfinals, 2 Halffinals and 1 Finals
   - Winner of Finals gets to fight the champ
   - Champ stays there until another Lance beats it, then it gets deleted and the new Champs will defend their title

All very much work in progress, feedback would be appreciated!