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Author Topic: Memories of MechWarrior and MechWarrior SNES  (Read 622 times)


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Memories of MechWarrior and MechWarrior SNES
« on: 28 September 2022, 07:41:54 »
I'm intrigued as to what any of you old-timers recall feeling about the experience of playing MechWarrior I (Blazing Aces) and/or MechWarrior SNES (Herras Ragen).  I never played either, myself (my gateway was The Crescent Hawks' Inception on the Amiga).  I just know that CHI drew me into the universe in a way that no game had previously done, and I went around talking about "mecha" (the CHI term) so much that my father asked if the game was set in Saudi Arabia (hearing "mecca").
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Re: Memories of MechWarrior and MechWarrior SNES
« Reply #1 on: 28 September 2022, 20:39:34 »
Mechwarrior 1 is remembered fondly by this old gaffer. The first time I played it, I just ran around doing contracts and not even remotely trying (or knowing how, really) to follow the story, but it was still fun as hell.

My final Lance was a Marauder as my Mech (because the Gray Death books were my reading material at the time), an attempted clone of Natasha Kerensky (I had just picked up Tales of the Black Widow Company), a dude named “Tank” in a Battlemaster (‘cuz his little bio blurb said he preferred Assault Mechs), and a cowboy name “Wild Bill” in a Rifleman. It was a great time, for the time.


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Re: Memories of MechWarrior and MechWarrior SNES
« Reply #2 on: 29 September 2022, 00:03:20 »
i remember enjoying MW1 until i realized there was an actual story and there was a time limit. at some point i realized i could just charge the enemy in a locust and slam on the spacebar until i blew a leg off. worked every time  ;D

the snes game only played a few times and greatly disliked the aiming mechanism enough were it stopped me from not getting too deep into the game

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Re: Memories of MechWarrior and MechWarrior SNES
« Reply #3 on: 30 September 2022, 00:50:23 »
I played MW1 (and CHI) specifically in order to create their Sarna articles back around 2007. I think I was using a Pentium CPU back then or maybe even my cousin's old 486 PC, with a CPU braking program.
Good times. :) BattleTechWiki Admin
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Re: Memories of MechWarrior and MechWarrior SNES
« Reply #4 on: 30 September 2022, 01:04:49 »
I first played CH1 on an old PC, borrowed from a neighbor.

Mechwarrior 1 was what made me get fully into collecting miniatures.  Also lead me into getting TRO:3025 and fully into the tabletop game.

I do remember finishing the story using a Phoenix Hawk, lots of head sniping, and using dead mechs as shields.  My favorite tactic was to use the Jenner and alpha the lasers into legs, surgically removing them.

Also teasing enemy Pixies by removing the arms and letting them run around helplessly.


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Re: Memories of MechWarrior and MechWarrior SNES
« Reply #5 on: 01 October 2022, 22:05:38 »
Mechwarrior SNES...never owned it but rented it quite the few times. Living on a remote island, we were always a bit behind in technological terms (and way of life, little funny anecdote: once a guy bought a cow and tied it in his backyard to a wooden pike hammered in the soil. Of course the cow amanged to bolt and go rummaging through a "exterior" (for anyplace outside the island was designated "the exterior") neighboor's garden. The neighbor goes hammering on his door, cursing him and saying "This ain't the *censored* 1920's anymore!) so I had no contact with 3d games before mechrarrior SNES's pseudo-3d...I was dazzled.

The game itself really hit a sweet spot, finally being able to pilot a big friggin' humanoid war machine, the feeling of being "dropped into combat", the cool 'mechs ( having little access to battletech lore, I was unaware that the game's 'mechs were not canon), meeting shady characters with shady jobs in a bar, using homing missiles (if I remember correctly they weren't called "streaks" and the MRM's were just as streaky as the rest) alot 'cause that was simply more effective then anything else, feeling like a real merc, insulting house davion representatives with unrealistic contract payments...

Yep, Mechwarrior SNES rocked my world.