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Author Topic: MWO - 2022 Tournament Supporter Pack  (Read 493 times)


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MWO - 2022 Tournament Supporter Pack
« on: 21 September 2022, 02:53:33 »

Another year another Tournament Supporter Pack, this one is a bit more special. Even if you have absolutely no interest in the championship, at $10USD for a 10% boost on C-Bill and XP gain is very useful even without stacking with Premium Time of any Bonus Items/'Mechs. But this year its extended all the way until 1st May 2023! It's also a cheap way to get the Prime Reward tier in the 2022 Annual Reward Program as well...

Also there more expensive $30USD Pack with doubled inclusion and the 10% bonus runs until 1st August 2023, return of items from 2021 Tournament Pack and a C-Bill Bonus Championship Night Gyr.