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Author Topic: This is what I was afraid of...  (Read 5841 times)


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Re: This is what I was afraid of...
« Reply #30 on: 30 July 2018, 02:34:03 »
Do you not play Battletech very often?  Nothing happens without you getting a chance to react, just like on modern battlefields.  In Battletech PC the active unit does whatever it wants without risk during its turn.  It can run behind you and kill you without you getting the chance to swing at it or use an arm weapon.  Sure, it may open itself to damage by another unit, depending on the turn order but, if timed right the gentlemans warfare shields mechs from threats many times.

In Battletech if you run behind me i can potentially torso twist, hit back, bring a desired unit in, etc all before you get the chance of a killing blow.
I'm quite certain the most successful and general modern military development and doctrine is based upon not allowing the OPFOR having a chance to react: knocking out their important infrastructure, emplacements, and AFVs with precision bomb strikes, artillery strikes, an unexpected sabot round through the turret ring, or an RPG in the side in an ambush situation.  The reason everyone has a chance to react 100% of the time is how Tabletop's interprets and abstracts how combat in the 31st, not necessarily anything to do with realism.  Ex: 10 second turns allow your 'Mech to pop up right behind an alley behind a tank turned the other way, but the turns are long enough that the tank's turret traverse is abstracted away and so can traverse its turret and return fire easily with its full firepower, while if the turns were more granular ex: 1 second then that 'Mech might be able to pop an AC/20 in its rear and blow the thing up before the tank could turn its turret around.

Basically even the most hard-core simulation has to have some abstractions and simplifications and may not necessarily be superior to a different simulation with differing abstractions and simplifications.  And obviously, BT is not a hard-core simulation.


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Re: This is what I was afraid of...
« Reply #31 on: 30 July 2018, 10:23:14 »
OP: Sorry you aren't enjoying the game.

It has some advantages.

1. Easily modded. (just by googling, I enabled AI's ability to reserve and view distances  up to 750 meters.
2. Mods can add the Warhammer and Marauder. Phoenix Hawk is on the way, according to the author.
3. Procedural missions have a wide range of difficulties.
4. Latest series of patches added granular difficulty settings, so there is a setting for everyone. I'm still working on my pieces of 8 ironman run, which I just finished the campaign and I'm now out tooling around the Taurian Concordat.

Maybe put the game down for a month then give it a another try.