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Author Topic: The Fate of MWO  (Read 22671 times)


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Re: The Fate of MWO
« Reply #180 on: 08 November 2021, 09:17:10 »
I wish they had dedicated coders like they did with MW5.  I'd like see those AIs added to fill in as counters to lack of players to fight on Missions or Solaris matches.   U
I would think it would be better way handling the drop off in popularity verses lack of players fighting.  I know bots defeats purposes of having MMO, but i am firm believer of filling those holes where you need them.  The AI should be matched to how the players level is. 

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Re: The Fate of MWO
« Reply #181 on: 13 November 2021, 02:21:30 »
... The AI should be matched to how the players level is.
PGI can never program bots to be on the same level as skilled human players. They can give them very accurate gunnery skills, program them with some rudimentary reactions and that is about it.

But those bots would be never able to formulate battle plans or adhere to their team's battle strategy, react to enemy battle plans (even if they are obvious) or act on their own. Game modes like Conquest, Incursion or Domination (well, pretty much any game mode) would mean automatic defeat for any team with those bots.