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Title: Replicating ‘Mechs/Variants in MWO that don’t exist yet…
Post by: Akamia on 07 February 2022, 01:45:08
One of my hobbies in MWO is rebuilding Inner Sphere ‘Mechs as variants – maybe even slightly upgraded versions of those variants – that don’t exist yet. Usually SLDF Royal variants, or even emulating a related ‘Mech descended from the chassis I’m working on. I have little regard for if it’s optimal, though I will, after applying relevant skills, attempt to run it in Quick Play a few times before deciding if it’s worth using as such. lol

On my hit list is a MAD-3R to rebuild as a MAD-2R, a Protector to rebuild as Kerensky’s actual ON1-K configuration, and a pair of AS7-Ds to rebuild as two different variants of Atlas II, albeit with different weapon placements because the actual tabletop placements aren’t possible in MWO. ;D

One of the target Atlas II variants is the standard variant, the AS7-D-H. That one was easy enough to replicate. The other, the AS7-D-HT, is running into some problems.

I don’t have the House Arano sourcebook, and to my knowledge, the AS7-D-HT has yet to be ported into MegaMekLab. The only thing I have to go on is the original HBSTech version and Sarna, and HBSTech’s version is illegal in both MWO and tabletop. So I need guidance. How do I replicate this probably terrible Atlas II build in MWO? If I try to base it on the AS7-D-H at all, I run into a problem where I don’t have enough critical slots for everything unless I squeeze all the ammo into one space and protect it all with one CASE. Part of me doubts this is how it should look in tabletop, but then, the weapon locations are all wrong anyway…
Title: Re: Replicating ‘Mechs/Variants in MWO that don’t exist yet…
Post by: Akamia on 08 February 2022, 05:22:57
I have been informed on r/battletech that the canon version of the Atlas II HT is indeed in MegaMek, filed as a regular Atlas variant. And I can indeed replicate it perfectly in MWO using the AS7-D as a base…

I’ll probably be giving that one priority. ;D It’s gonna run very hot, most likely even too hot, but practical or not, I want it made.

I’m gonna name it High Lady. :D
Title: Re: Replicating ‘Mechs/Variants in MWO that don’t exist yet…
Post by: Akamia on 02 March 2022, 06:00:21
So, running my AS7-D-HT Atlas II impostor is proving to be a bit more successful than I expected. Actually, what seems to get me killed more often than not is tactical blunders rather than what ‘Mech/build I’m running*. Then again, I’m playing in T5… Though I sometimes end up in seemingly higher tier games** when I play with some higher tier friends in a group drop, and I do somewhat okay.

Also, the HT runs cooler than I expected, though still heats up when I have to push myself in a firefight. Though the fact it’s not really an alpha strike build might have something to do with it. ;D

* Within reason, of course; as long as a 'Mech is adequate, it can contribute. Some builds simply have nothing going for them.

** I’ve noticed when playing alone that I see a lot of names reappear often, usually two or three recognizable names every game. When I play with friends who are in a higher skill bracket, I frequently end up in games where all the names are unfamiliar at first.