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Author Topic: Historical Turning Points: Luzerne  (Read 1785 times)


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Historical Turning Points: Luzerne
« on: 19 April 2012, 01:22:52 »
This thread is for all issues and problems with Historical Turning Points: Luzerne.

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Please remember to follow the errata report template when reporting issues.  Thanks.
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Re: Historical Turning Points: Luzerne
« Reply #1 on: 19 April 2012, 02:58:17 »
pg. 8 lists Gravely Zane as a Precentor VII, while pg. 9 lists Gravely Zane as Precentor VIII which both conflict, but neither seem correct.

Per the ComStar sourcebook and Field Manual: ComStar, save for extreme circumstances ranks increase increments of one for each year at that rank. ComStar pg 85 lists Zane as a Precentor I in 3055, Field Manual: ComStar pg. 39 lists him as Precentor VIII in 3062 and Precentor XIII as of 3067 in Field Manual: Upgrade pg. 98 which points to a standard progress and that Zane should likely be at most a Precentor V in 3059.