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Title: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: KodiakJ on 16 May 2021, 17:44:59
Greetings fellow Mechwarriors

I am Kodiak Jorgensson, I'm a long time BT fan and a 3D artist

I've been working on this model for sometime, I have re-worked it more times than I can count but its pretty much done. I have some Lore to go with the art work which is a bit long. :)

With the onset of the clan invasion Hanse Davion and his military advisors were studying the tactics and equipment deployed by clan forces. Taking note of the clans firepower packed into lighter chassis Hanse created a new fund for the New Avalon Institute of Science with orders to improve current Inner Sphere Technologies. Amanda Church is a Scientist and recent graduate from NAIS, who was put in charge of the project she had a love for Arthurian lore which lead to the creation of the NAIS Merlin facility located on the recently re-discovered planet of Merlin. The planet is a closely guarded secret of House Davion and only the highest ranks know of its existence. This facility would become responsible for the creation of the experimental battlemech codenamed ART-0X-X Arthur. The New experimental mech fielded several new technologies among these was the Class 5 Light Autocannon, this weapon has shown promise though it would suffer ammo feed issues causing the weapon to jam and destroy itself as well as the arm actuator it was mounted on. The mech also mounted the first Inner Sphere ER Medium Laser, however this was a completely different version from the one that was developed later. The X-ER Medium Laser was designed to mimic the clans ER Medium Laser damage profile, however this would lead to severe issues such as the focusing lens burning out after several shots or the weapon flooding the mech with excess heat. Though the primary weapons had issues the Targeting Computer that tied the lasers and Light AC together operated as expected, though there were a few glitches in the system to be ironed out. The First Prince and his advisors were impressed with the progress the team had made they decided to increase funding and continue the program

The ART-0X-X carries some of the most exotic experimental equipment never seen outside the highest ranks of the AFFC. The Arthur was built around a 220 XL Engine and utilizing an Endo Steel structure to save as much weight as possible. NAIS scientists realised that the mech was lacking internal space so they began working on compacting the size of a standard gyro, this led to the first experimental Compact Gyro. For offensive firepower the mech carries a trio of X-ER Medium Lasers, these lasers mimic the damage output of a clan ER Medium lasers, however they are prone to burning out the focusing lens or flooding the mech with excess heat. The mech also carries a pair of Light Autocannon 5 these weapons are prone to ammo feed issues and can lead to catastrophic damage to the weapon or the mechs actuators. Despite these drawbacks these five weapons are linked to an experimental targeting computer which has proven to be highly effective with few gremlins to be worked out, the mech has been rounded out with a single Artemis linked LRM 15. Finally the Arthur has one last secret, the AFFC military advisors criticised the mech for not having CASE protection, but due to its unique construction method the team explained that the mech does indeed carry a CASE system which has been integrated into the mechs armour thus removing the requirement to take up critical space or weight

The Arthur has not yet been mass produced and has yet to see any significant deployment, however the mech has been through rigorous combat trials where it has performed above expectations for the AFFC officers, development of the mech and its experimental weapons continue as of 3055


Thanks for viewing, hope you guys liked my art work and lore, if anyone is interested in a closer look at the 3D model you can view it on my Sketchfab page linked below.

Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: marauder648 on 18 May 2021, 04:50:40
I really like this, you've put a lot of work into it and the history of the design, it looks like iits got a bit of the Osiris and Uziel in it and I love that :)
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: KodiakJ on 18 May 2021, 06:37:14
Thanks for the feedback. you are spot on with the mechs, I took design cues from those as well as the Crab and Viper :)
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: Wrangler on 18 May 2021, 07:04:11
Really nice!  Was hard to make it? I've been toying idea of learning 3D drawing/painting.  Filmbox or Blender, but i'm bit slow so I'm curious which one better to lean on.
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: KodiakJ on 18 May 2021, 10:56:34
Thanks Wrangler.

I've had years of experience working in 3D so I have to say no. I did have some challenges and difficulties however, mostly down to design and trying to work out how the arms and legs attach to the mech and how far can they move with out clipping into other parts of the model.

I've never heard of Filmbox to be honest, I used Blender 2.9 for this project and Substance painter. I would recommend Blender, its a very powerful program it has lots of different tools for all sorts of projects and more importantly It's free and theirs plenty of tutorials on Youtube that will help get you started. As for Substance painter, Its a pretty expenssive piece of software that I used to created the textures for my mech, its relativly simple to use and gives great results, but not really required as you can create textures in Blender with its paint tools.
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: OptimusPrime on 18 May 2021, 12:09:10
Wow it looks really cool! Amazing work, thank you for sharing it here  ;D Showed it my friend and he was really impressed as well.
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: Dragon Cat on 18 May 2021, 12:26:13
Nice Mech and fluff behind the tech in it
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: DOC_Agren on 21 May 2021, 18:56:05
love the artwork
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: Elmoth on 22 May 2021, 01:40:25
Really nice mech!
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: KodiakJ on 25 May 2021, 13:14:27
I've updated the textures on my sketchfab page, feel free to check it out, link provided in the first post.

thanks for viewing my work guys I appreciate it :)
Title: Re: Arthur Battlemech
Post by: God and Davion on 25 May 2021, 16:15:22
I like it. It has a lot of MW4 vibes.  :thumbsup: