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Author Topic: Is it possible to buy unique/any maps "a la carte" for BattleTech?  (Read 1418 times)


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I would like to know if any of the beautiful "topographic" maps for BattleTech can be purchased singly, by themselves, from Catalyst Game Labs.

In particular, there are some gaps in my collection, and also, there are a few supplements or boxed sets which have maps that were specifically for use with that product itself.

I believe that Catalyst could make more money if it created a stock number for any maps that players want to buy, singly, and allowed people to order one in printed form.

I am a degreed artist and designer who sometimes envies the unity of artistic expression and functionality in the game achieved by the maps as well as Ral Partha / IWM minis.

Let me know if this topic needs to be moved into another category, moderators... and thanks again to everyone who read the topic! :)
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Heavy metal Map sounds like what you need.  Never bought it myself, there weren't enough players to really justify it.  Here's a link to a discussion here on the forum.
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MapMaster has some large format ones that I hope to be able to afford some day...  8)


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Kat Wylder also has some amazing maps, though they're digital files you'll have to print or get printed.
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Regarding the current development of shipping costs for physical goods that can actually be a good thing (at least for transatlantic customers).
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You can also print maps using MegaMek to save maps as images then using your favorite image editor to split the maps up into printable pages.
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In that vein, look for threads by Simon Landmine...  8)