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Author Topic: MoTW: Mangonel  (Read 14122 times)


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Re: MoTW: Mangonel
« Reply #90 on: 30 July 2022, 23:07:49 »
Probably, but only in Fan Designs. C:-)

A design thread has now been started here.

EDIT:  Dagnabbit, Emyprus beat me to it.


So, now I'm imagining people boxing up Overlords for loading as cargo.  "Nope, totally not a DropShip.  Everyone knows you can't fit a DropShip in a WarShip!  It's...a ten thousand ton box of marshmallows!  Yeah.  For the Heavy Guards big annual smores party."
--Arkansas Warrior, on the possibility of carrying Dropships as cargo in Warship cargo bays.

TERRAN SUPREMACY DEFENSE FORCE.  For when you want to send the SLDF, but couldn't afford the whole kit and kaboodle.