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Author Topic: Recognition Guide Mech Reviews: Alpha Strike Edition  (Read 6134 times)


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Re: Recognition Guide Mech Reviews: Alpha Strike Edition
« Reply #30 on: 01 March 2022, 17:09:05 »
Yeah, like, it tracks from a pure statistical perspective, only like 18% of its TW-scale damage is actually from a Re-Engineered source and it doesn't really make sense to givve anything that happens to put a single lonely RELaser somewhere in the loadout the REL special. It just also makes me sad because this specific mech feels like it would be much more distinctive if it had REL.


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Re: Recognition Guide Mech Reviews: Alpha Strike Edition
« Reply #31 on: 07 March 2022, 18:51:26 »
Looking forward to more volumes of your Rec Guide/Alpha Strike reviews, btw. 

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Re: Recognition Guide Mech Reviews: Alpha Strike Edition
« Reply #32 on: 22 September 2022, 20:58:48 »
Hierofalcon D: Our sole ground-bound Hierofalcon is, in it’s own way, a further demonstration of exactly the power of JMPS as a special. Theoretically this is just as fast as all of its contemporaries save the absolutely bonkers A variant, with as much non-OV damage as the heavy hitting B. However, the inability to simply ignore terrain, combined with “only” being TMM3 instead of effective TMM 4 or 5, makes this noticeably less potent on both offense and defense than its airborne cousins. What’s worse, the jump in ground TMM has shot the cost all the way up to 50PV. Which, to be clear, still leaves this as a difficult to hit, highly mobile threat packing serious amounts of peril that will hit more often than the jumpers, though not quite as big of a bargain as it might be. B

I've used this mech in several games recently and think that the B rating is lower then it should be for this mech. Having a 16" movement that gives it 3 TMM combined with doing 5 damage points makes this mech quite versatile. Since it doesn't have jump jets unlike the other variants, it can hit without the penalty of jumping while still having that 3 TMM. The other variants have a base TMM of 2 and need to jump to increase thier TMM. While they are harder to hit, it also makes it harder for them to hit. Meanwhile, the D is hauling ass across the battlefield and throwing dice in everyone's face. I find the D indispensable. It has fantastic mobility and hits hard. In Alpha Strike games, I also try to balance point cost by trying to get 1 point of damage for every 10 tons of point cost. This mech costs 50 PV so is right in the sweet spot for cost.