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Author Topic: The (Second) Mech of the Week - Stone Rhino aka Behemoth  (Read 12966 times)


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Re: The (Second) Mech of the Week - Stone Rhino aka Behemoth
« Reply #30 on: 22 November 2021, 09:28:33 »
I really appreciate the effort going into canonizing 'mech configurations previously exclusive to the computer games!  :thumbsup:
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Re: The (Second) Mech of the Week - Stone Rhino aka Behemoth
« Reply #31 on: 23 November 2021, 23:20:23 »
Looking at these guys, the 5 could be really useful in the combined arms era that the setting now finds itself in.  Sort of like a proto Malice-XT done right.  Actually like the build.  Call me a heretic, but I'd almost have preferred LB 2-X with some additional backup weapons to keep the riff-raff off.  For general vehicle parking and aircraft lawndarting, range is king :)

The one with the unholy number of pulse lasers may be a product of the PC game mechanics.  I remember from MW4, and possibly from MW2, that chain/sequential firing of energy weapons generated less heat than firing all of the energy weapons together.  There really isn't a mechanic for that in the table top; staggered volley fire doesn't really cover it either. 

A star of 2 x (1) and 1 x (3) and 2 x (5) could make for some *nasty* hole punching + ranged crit-seeking action.  Total of eight CLPL with four of 'em tar comp'ed; four clan gauss rifles; eight CLB-5x autocannon; twelve CERML's; and the two ATM-9's for window dressing (and HE ammo).  In all honesty, I would probably save the GR/ATM ammo for "priority" targets, the LB 5-X ammo for vehicles, and just use the energy weapon components of that mix.