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Title: Adjusting Reload Factor
Post by: Daryk on 28 October 2017, 08:03:31
The AToW Companion has a formula for converting infantry weapon damage to TW scale (page 170, with the explicit rule on page 169).  One of the factors that goes in to this formula is the "Reload Factor".  As it stands there are two ways to determine the Reload Factor, only depending on whether the weapon is a "Support" weapon or not.  The inconsistency this introduces is that non-support weapons get a boost in damage from burst fire, but determine their Reload Factor based on the individual number of rounds in their magazines.  This is particularly absurd for weapons with a burst larger than 10, as it would be possible for a weapon to be unable to fire even a single burst, but have no penalty for Reload Factor.

What I propose to correct this inconsistency is to have non-support burst fire weapons use the current formula for support weapons, with the entering argument being the number of bursts a fully loaded weapon can fire.

This is why I posted the "AR+" in an earlier thread, as that boosts the weapon's ammunition capacity to 45 rounds (3 bursts).