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Author Topic: two alternate (and likely silly) crit resolution ideas  (Read 576 times)


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disclaimer: i don't care if the traditional crit resolution is better (it almost certainly is). sometimes i just like messing around

Option 1: Everything takes crits
Rationale: i find rerolling crits is really annoying
*eliminate 'roll again'
*use vehicle crit floor 2-5 no crit, 6-8 one, 9-10 two, 11-12 three / limb destroyed (yes, expanding the super serious crit potential was intentional)
*each time a crit is rolled, mark off the slot regardless of whether gear / uncrittable items exist there. such locations absorb the crit without consequence.
*if a previously critted slot is rolled, move up the chart until an uncritted slot is encountered (like vehicle crits but in the opposite direction). reaching the 'lower 1' slot without effect cycles back to 'upper 6' (or from 1 to 6 in the case of legs and head)
*if all slots in a location have taken criticals, extra crits transfer. this is a departure from the standard rule of "if there was at least one uncritted slot at the beginning of the phase, no crits transfer" - under this ruleset, crits transfer as soon as a section runs out of crit slots.
*Favors: equipment-light units.
*you almost certainly would want to use floating crits with this because a TAC on snakeyes would be devastating

Option 2: Dice pool
Rationale: rolling lots of dice at once is fun
*for each internal structure point in a location damaged that phase, roll 1d6. any die rolled as a '6' counts as a crit.
*for an extra zany time: dice rolled '6' are rolled again. another 6 counts as another crit
*for even extra-ier zaniness: if a location is unprotected by CASE / II, any possible crits that occur that phase transfer if the location is destroyed before potential crits are rolled
*Favors: fun