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Title: battle armor cubicles
Post by: Hairbear541 on 22 November 2021, 13:10:37
for installation on a dropship , how much does each ba cubicle weigh . wanting to repurpose some ds as dedicated ba carriers .
Title: Re: battle armor cubicles
Post by: AlphaMirage on 22 November 2021, 13:27:55
Should be in either tech manual or TacOps. I believe they were only the tonnage of the suit.
Title: Re: battle armor cubicles
Post by: idea weenie on 22 November 2021, 21:39:35
Tech Manual (corrected 4th printing) page 239 has masses for the different transport bays.  Battle Armor bays weigh 2 tons per BA stored there, and require 6 personnel for each group of 4/5/6 BA based on the force type.  I.e. Inner Sphere, Periphery, & Mercenary forces field its BA in units of 4 BA and each unit needs 6 personnel.  The Clans field units of 5 BA, and need 6 personnel.  Comstar/WoB field BA in units of 6 BA, and need 6 personnel.

You might choose to allocate extra tonnage, as having a 2-ton BA shoved inside a 2-ton bay means there is no room for anything else.

There are advanced rules that let you carry more of the smaller BA in the 2-ton bay, so if you want to make a more flexible force that could help lower the tonnage.
I.e. if you make a force that is primarily half-ton and 3/4 ton battle armor, then you probably want to carry more of the lighter BA per 2-ton bay.