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Author Topic: Combat Manual Lite series, Beta  (Read 114042 times)


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Re: Combat Manual Lite series, Beta
« Reply #180 on: 02 June 2022, 18:02:18 »
The Taurians were supposed to be the practical Outworlders... they're supposed to GET space combat (which skews the way you indicated), up to and including nonchalant use of nukes (which the Outworlders would never go for).


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Re: Combat Manual Lite series, Beta
« Reply #181 on: 27 January 2023, 01:28:24 »

Couldn't the Nova, and subsequently the Supers, also have the Standard Infantry as part of this unit type?

And also, not trying to nitpick, but I think a / mark between 20 and 25 verse a - to designate the Infantry Jump from Foot.

As it is, it shows that a Platoon of Clan Infantry could be anything from 20 up to 25 and everything in between.

But as is, a good read.

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