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Author Topic: 'Comet' SRMs  (Read 502 times)

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'Comet' SRMs
« on: 24 November 2022, 07:05:41 »
Comet SRMs are a more advanced form of Streak missiles, effectively 'Streak Mk II', which incorporate systems that allow them to interconnect their fire control links with each other, along with any Target Acquisition Gear (TAG) carried. The more that are mounted, the more accurate the overall system becomes.

Unfortunately, due to being partially wireless, Comets are precluded from being able to be mounted in conjunction with the older model of Streaks, or any missile systems linked to Artemis, as their wireless signals cause errors and sensor ghosts in those systems, rendering them effectively useless. Even with using wireless links, enough other electronics - many of them based off reverse-engineered & lightweight Clantech - were added to the systems which quite drastically increase their bulk. Thankfully the overall mass increase was negligible. One minor bonus to this was that, since the developers were working on developing this nearly from the ground up, they were able to increase the overall length of the new missile's casing by three centimeters, allowing for a slight performance boost to its range, if sadly however still less than the performance actual Clan quality Streak missiles can achieve. As such, even with their enhanced performance, the Inner Sphere Clans have all shown no interest in the design, citing reasons that ranged from its lower range, the added bulk, all the way up to being 'dishonorable, only good for a less capable warrior' by one Jade Falcon warrior just prior to the ilClan Trials in which initial data about the Comet prototypes was revealed.

Another minor defect with the design is that while they can work with NARC or iNARC pods, they are actually 'too' accurate, as they will all hit the same location - directly above/on the homing pod. This invariably destroys the pod in that first massed salvo, forcing the launch of another homing pod. Which might, or might not, be successful at hitting a target.

Construction Rules:
  • Comet SRMs use an Inner Sphere technology base, rated Experimental (X), with a prototype date of 3149 by the Republic of the Sphere, pre-production/limited production as of 3151 by the same, and mass production as of 3152 by the Free Worlds League and Lyran Commonwealth (after the dissolution of the Republic), roughly at the same time. Currently Comet LRMs do not exist.
  • Comet SRMs mass the same as Streak SRMs but take up one additional critical slot per launcher.
  • All Comet SRMs have a firing bracket of 1-3/4-6/7-10, deal 2 damage per missile, and work identically to Streak SRMs/LRMs in not firing (no heat created) if no lock is achieved, and create identical amounts of heat as per same size Streak SRM launchers (example: a Comet SRM-4 creates 3 heat, identical to a Streak SRM-4, if a successful lock is achieved and fired).
  • Comet SRMs cannot be mounted on any unit that already mounts standard Streak SRMs, Artemis IV FCS, Artemis IV FCS, ATMs, or Streak LRMs. They are compatible with standard SRMs, LRMs, MRMs, Thunderbolts, and Rocket Launchers. MRM Apollo does not interfere with Comet SRMs and are fully compatible to be carried together on a unit.

Comet SRMs use the same to-hit rules as Streak SRMs with the following changes:
  • For every two Comet SRM launchers mounted, a -1 To-Hit modifier for the To-Hit roll is applied, after all other modifiers, up to a maximum of -2 To-hit if mounting at least four Comet SRM launchers. This bonus applies no matter what size launchers used (example: two Comet SRM2s, one Comet SRM4, and one Comet SRM; or four Comet SRM4s). Any number of launchers beyond four apply no further extra bonus.
  • If a Comet SRM launcher is destroyed and lowers the number of active launchers below four, the -2 To-Hit modifiers is reduced to -1. If only one Comet SRM launcher remains active/undamaged, remove the -1 To-Hit modifier.
  • If a unit mounting Comet SRMs also mounts Target Acquisition Gear (TAG), if a successful lock is achieved with the TAG, all Comet SRMs launchers mounted on the same unit will automatically lock onto the target regardless of any other To-Hit modifiers. This applies ONLY to the firing unit which mounts both TAG and Comets. Comet SRMs do NOT gain a TAG bonus from any other allied unit.
  • If targeting a unit that has at least one active NARC or iNARC Homing Pod attached to it, all Comet SRMs mounted will hit if fired. This ALWAYS results in the destruction of ONE Homing Pod attached to the targeted unit per Comet SRM launcher fired. Two examples: If you fire only one Comet SRM launcher, no matter the size, just one Homing Pod is destroyed. If you fire three Comet SRM launchers, again, no matter the size, against a target hit by four Homing Pods, three of them are destroyed, leaving one still attached and active. This rule applies even if a TAG lock is achieved.

(Optional Fluff: The Clans refuse to build them, but are pragmatic enough to use them if salvaged undamaged on a repairable unit, until such time as that unit can be stripped of them at a repair facility/not in the field)

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Re: 'Comet' SRMs
« Reply #1 on: 24 November 2022, 11:38:40 »
I could see a unit mounting a Comet SRM-6 and a trio of Comet SRM-2 instead of two Comet SRM-6, in order to get the 4-launcher Comet bonus.

Of course I am also thinking about an SRM carrier being equipped with this missile system.  Instead of 10 SRM-6, it might have 6 Comet SRM-6 in a turret and much more armor.


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Re: 'Comet' SRMs
« Reply #2 on: 24 November 2022, 16:16:02 »
I like the idea of these..
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Re: 'Comet' SRMs
« Reply #3 on: 25 November 2022, 14:26:57 »
I just want to make it clear I get it:
  • Streak SRMs, except you still roll on the cluster hits table.
  • If the target has a NARC beacon or if the attacking unit Tagged it, then all missiles hit and no cluster hits table roll is necessary. This destroys 1 NARC beacon.
  • The equipment takes up 1 extra crit.
  • 1 extra hex of long range.
  • Attacks with the system get a targeting bonus for other Comet systems on the same unit.

It makes the 'full streak' conditional in exchange for to-hit bonuses for mounting multiple of the system. Seems interesting, but a bit widgety for what it does. Leans into Battletech's tendency to make more, smaller missile racks better than fewer larger ones.

Unless the TAG/NARC compatibility is supposed to have all of the missiles hit one location. The fluff says that but the rule breakdown doesn't. That would make it a buy-in-bulk streak system with the ability to focus damage in certain circumstances.
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