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Author Topic: Rations  (Read 2048 times)


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« on: 04 July 2019, 15:34:36 »
Looking in AToW, it appears the only rations available are Tech Level C.  Obviously, there are such things available at both lower and higher Tech Levels.  Below is my swag at what those would be.  Of note, until you get to Tech Level D, water is a completely separate requirement, and comes in at about 2 kg (2 liters) per day.  AToW doesn't say these are daily rations (vice per meal), but that's my assumption.

Code: [Select]
A Rats  A/A-A-A/A   0.5  3 kg Goes bad after 2 years, 5 years if in cold storage.  19th century canned rations.
B Rats  B/A-A-A/A    1   2 kg Good for 3 years, 5 if in cold storage.  21st century MREs.  Plastic pouches replace tin cans.
C Rats  C/A-A-A/A    2   1 kg Standard AToW Rations.  Will keep for 10 years, 20 if in cold storage.  Mercenaries prefer these due to cost.
D Rats  D/A-B-B/A    5   1 kg Generally available to House militaries.  Good for 25 years, 50 in cold storage.  Reduce water requirements to 1.75 kg per day.
E Rats  E/B-D-C/A   10   1 kg Star League Rations.  Still good after all these years!  And reduce water requirements to 1.5 kg per day.
F Rats  F/X-X-D/A   20   1 kg Clan Rations.  Also reduce water requirements to 1.25 kg per day.  Not even Elementals like this pasty concoction.


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Re: Rations
« Reply #1 on: 04 July 2019, 20:03:40 »
I like this.

One of the other PCs in my periphery bandit kingdoms campaign ran a cannery on a planet with giant voracious whale like creatures that had to be hunted with Shilones because they ate the fishing boats. Their salted meat mostly kept as rations for a while except if it had a common parasite that introduced a chemical toxic to humans. Being the unscrupulous bastard he was, his solution was to include a PH testing strip with every can rather than not sell the bad meat. The parasite chemical reacted with the canning oil and crated a strong basic solution... but the stuff smelled so bad at baseline you couldn’t always tell it was contaminated. Of course it was cheap and was the default ration of the region. You had to roll 11+ on a d20 every time you opened a can or bad things happened.

Your proposal is much more sane  :))

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Re: Rations
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A) That's HILARIOUS!  ;D

B) Glad to know I'm more sane than that...  ^-^
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