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Author Topic: House Rule for high Combat Skills  (Read 256 times)


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House Rule for high Combat Skills
« on: 14 April 2021, 19:53:26 »
I've been around RPGs for over 35 years now and I've run and played in a lot them.  But I keep coming back to Battletech and Mechwarrior.  One of the problems that started to bother me in the game has always been skill progression and how high your skills can get so that the PCs become godlike even with a few short game sessions.  I usually mitigated this with low experience points given, but then this keeps ALL skill progression from happening, even tech and knowledge skills. But I finally came up with a solution!

I've tried to keep the Attributes and skill names as system agnostic as I could. Also the XP bench marks are for example only.

Turn 'mech/Aerospce/Battle Armor into the fairly unused Advanced/difficult skill type like Medicine or Jump navigation. Then have each level of the Tabletop skill TN be a Merit/advantage.  Green Piloting/Green Gunnery is like 20xp each, Regular needs 40xp each, Veteran Needs 100xp etc,...  Then also give them prereqs, like minimum stats necessary to get to the next level.  BA would require Dex and Str.  Mechs- Dex and Per, Aerospace- Dex and Int, Medicine- Per and Int, Surgeon- Dex and Int and so on.  Now you can make the typical skills like small arms, brawl, stealth skills and knowledge skills and other skills have the lower TNs.  Without the Advance skill merit, you get to be Ultra Green. This also explains why Pilots are as rare as Doctors and have to go to years of study in RL.

Now what do you think?   
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