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Author Topic: Index of Daryk's AToW Tweaks  (Read 11734 times)


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Index of Daryk's AToW Tweaks
« on: 27 July 2019, 04:01:52 »
Now seems like a good time to collect all these threads in one place.

First Principles

Specific Weapons
The AR+ Auto-Rifle
The Intek+ Laser Rifle
The Intek Pulse Laser Rifle
Federated Barret M42B Shenanigans
Lancelot Mk VI Sniper Rifle (Rabid Fox model)
Tech Manual Errata Shenanigans (nerfs most of the above; also includes an "Aliens" Pulse Rifle knock off at post #37)
De-nerfing Infantry Blazers
Support Laser (Medium)
Post-Shrapnel Support Lasers

Weapon Classes
Machine Guns (Now with Semi-Portable Autocannons!)
Grenade Launchers
"Discount" Weapons and Armor
Thermobaric Weapons
Adjusting Reload Factor
Shrapnel Issue #1 Sniper Rifles in TW
Shrapnel Issue #3 Pistols in TW
Shrapnel Issue #5 Sub-Machine Guns in TW
Shrapnel Issue #7 Combat Shotguns in TW
Shrapnel Issue #9 Laser Pistols in TW
Shrapnel Issue #9 Laser Rifles in TW

Other Gear
Long Range Field Communicator
Power Packs
Skin Suits (inspired by Cannonshop)
Asteroid Survival Kits

Character Creation
Character Creation Excel Spreadsheet, v4.6
Rockjack Affiliation (non-Terran Belters)
Shipwrecked Stage 4 Module
Spacer Life Stage 4 Module ("Civilian Job" for Spacers)
Command and Staff College
Staff Tour Stage 4 Module
Faction Military Academies
Infantry SPAs
Ship's Crew Field
Gun Kata Skill
Expanded Transit Disorientation Syndrome (TDS)
AToW Trait Point Costs for Belter Augmentations

Exploding 2d6
Herb's AToW Companion page 170-171 Errata
Conversion Table for AToW Scale Weapons to TW Damage
Campaign Operations Pay Scale Discussion
Campaign Operations Infantry Spare Parts Correction
Rules Question on Belter Augmentations in AToW
Small Arms Ammunition (getting from 2/3 to 4/4 damage)

Other Scale Stuff

TW Weapons and Equipment
The Blazer Cannon Manifesto
Remote Weapon Stations
IS Micro Laser
IS Mirco Pulse Laser
Even Lighter Gauss Rifles
Laser Arrays
Laser Arrays for IS Advanced Tech Lasers
Integrated Electronics and Sensor Suites for BA
Replacing AC/5s with AC/2s in 3025
Alternate Prototype Double Heat Sinks
Alternate Rules for Transport Bays
Rifle Cannon Math
'Mech Mortar/1s as "Under Barrel Grenade Launchers"
Inner Sphere "Light" ECM suites
Thumper Integrated Artillery System (TIAS)

The Double Deuce II/II-σ [3053]
The Wolf Skinners [3024]
Glenmora Planetary Militia [3030s]
Forza Deici di Galatea [3035]
Baronies of Foxhaven [Curated for Liam's Ghost]
ComStar Level I Field Artillery [For Worktroll]
CampOps Infantry Company with Organic Support
AAA Security

Story/Game Threads
The Double Deuce (Departure from Campoleone)
The Double Deuce OOC Discussion Thread
The Double Deuce (Outbound from Campoleone and on Astrokaszy)
The Double Deuce (Astrokaszian Defectors)
The Wolf Skinners (on Astrokaszy... the past is prologue!  "This is the Way the World Ends")

'Mech Designs
JagdPanther (Panther with Thumper Artillery Cannon)
Arturion (jumping Centurion with a Thumper)
Thumpback (Hunchback with a Thumper)
Marik Civil War Special Hunchback (Blazer Cannon!)
AC/2 Rifleman
Thumper Artillery Cannon Archer
Small Laser Battery Archer
Dervish Blackjack (Mediums and Armor instead of SRM-2s)
Budget Wasp (15 tons, Commercial Armor, RL-10)
Small Laser Griffin
Chicken Hawk Scout Hunter
SnACback, a Hunchback with a Sniper Artillery Cannon in 3014
LTAC Zeus in 3015, with a 3022+ variant with Prototype Freezers
WVR-6DT, a Davion Wolverine with a Thumper Cannon and DHS
DRG-1T, a Dragon with a Thumper Cannon in 3015

Aerospace Designs (some with deck plans)
Lucifer R21 Upgrade (3054 with ALL the Small Lasers)
Manatee 'Mech Carrier Deck Plans
Mark VII Landing Craft (and Egret variant) Deck Plans
Quickzell Dropship with Main Bay Deck Plan
Pack Burro "ASF" (for Worktroll)
Lothian TRB-D39 Thunderbird Variant
Cheap 5-ton Conventional Fighter
LLS Light Guard (modified Aquila for Vehrec's game)
Cannonshop's "Existential Horror" Challenge

Combat Vehicle Designs
PPC Scorpion
An upgraded PPC Scorpion
Medium (15 ton) APCs
Hobgoblin (AC/20 Goblin, plus other variants and ART by Plog!)
Royal Goblin (Fusion powered Star League design)
SLDF Goblin (Fusion powered, but no "advanced" tech)
Fuel Cell Goblin (for Giovanni Blasini)
Edge of Tomorrow Quad Tilt Rotor PA(L) Carrier
Lothian J. Edgar Variants
Sea Wolf (15 ton sub)
Damascene Scimitar (Thumper Artillery Cannon)
Hisan IFV (Saracen/Scimitar/Saladin family)
Sutra (Blazer Saladin)
Qaws (AA Scimitar)
Onager SP Thumper (Wheeled)
LTAC Hover Tank
Mini-StuG (Heavy Wheeled APC w/Thumper Artillery Cannon)
Micro-StuG (15-ton, 3/5 Thumper Artillery Cannon)
Pole Cat (Fusion Ferret)

Battle Armor Designs
Nighthawk PA(L) Variants
My response to Cannonshop's design challenge that resulted in the Wild Hunt (BA mounted on quad BA)

What if KF Physics didn't make Fusion drives magical?
Alternate Small Craft Design Rules
Jump Core Diameter Discussion
VTOLs on the Low Altitude Map
Fan Fiction Tribble #725: More Taurian than Taurians
Shrapnel Links on DriveThruRPG

Other People's Useful Stuff
Worktroll's 3025 Successor State Army Reports
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