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Title: Index of Daryk's AToW Tweaks
Post by: Daryk on 27 July 2019, 04:01:52
Now seems like a good time to collect all these threads in one place.

First Principles (

Specific Weapons
The AR+ Auto-Rifle (
The Intek+ Laser Rifle (
The Intek Pulse Laser Rifle (
Federated Barret M42B Shenanigans (
Lancelot Mk VI Sniper Rifle (Rabid Fox model) (
Tech Manual Errata Shenanigans (nerfs most of the above; also includes an "Aliens" Pulse Rifle knock off at post #37) (!/)
De-nerfing Infantry Blazers (
Support Laser (Medium) (
Post-Shrapnel Support Lasers (

Weapon Classes
Machine Guns ( (Now with Semi-Portable Autocannons!)
Grenade Launchers (
Mortars (
"Discount" Weapons and Armor (
Thermobaric Weapons (
Adjusting Reload Factor (
Shrapnel Issue #1 Sniper Rifles in TW (
Shrapnel Issue #3 Pistols in TW (
Shrapnel Issue #5 Sub-Machine Guns in TW (
Shrapnel Issue #7 Combat Shotguns in TW (
Shrapnel Issue #9 Laser Pistols in TW (
Shrapnel Issue #9 Laser Rifles in TW (

Other Gear
Long Range Field Communicator (
Power Packs (
Rations (
Skin Suits (inspired by Cannonshop) (
Asteroid Survival Kits (

Character Creation
Character Creation Excel Spreadsheet, v4.6 (
Rockjack Affiliation (non-Terran Belters) (
Shipwrecked Stage 4 Module (
Spacer Life Stage 4 Module ("Civilian Job" for Spacers) (
Command and Staff College (
Staff Tour Stage 4 Module (
Faction Military Academies (
Infantry SPAs (
Ship's Crew Field (
Gun Kata Skill (
Expanded Transit Disorientation Syndrome (TDS) (
AToW Trait Point Costs for Belter Augmentations (

Exploding 2d6 (
Herb's AToW Companion page 170-171 Errata (
Conversion Table for AToW Scale Weapons to TW Damage (
Campaign Operations Pay Scale Discussion (
Campaign Operations Infantry Spare Parts Correction (
Rules Question on Belter Augmentations in AToW (
Small Arms Ammunition (getting from 2/3 to 4/4 damage) (

Other Scale Stuff

TW Weapons and Equipment
The Blazer Cannon Manifesto (
Remote Weapon Stations (
IS Micro Laser (
IS Mirco Pulse Laser (
Even Lighter Gauss Rifles (
Laser Arrays (
Laser Arrays for IS Advanced Tech Lasers (
Integrated Electronics and Sensor Suites for BA (
Replacing AC/5s with AC/2s in 3025 (
Alternate Prototype Double Heat Sinks (
Alternate Rules for Transport Bays (
Rifle Cannon Math (
'Mech Mortar/1s as "Under Barrel Grenade Launchers" (
Inner Sphere "Light" ECM suites (
Thumper Integrated Artillery System (TIAS) (

The Double Deuce II/II-σ [3053] (
The Wolf Skinners [3024] (
Glenmora Planetary Militia [3030s] (
Forza Deici di Galatea [3035] (
Baronies of Foxhaven [Curated for Liam's Ghost] (
ComStar Level I Field Artillery [For Worktroll] (
CampOps Infantry Company with Organic Support (
AAA Security (

Story/Game Threads
The Double Deuce (Departure from Campoleone) (
The Double Deuce OOC Discussion Thread (
The Double Deuce (Outbound from Campoleone and on Astrokaszy) (
The Double Deuce (Astrokaszian Defectors) (
The Wolf Skinners (on Astrokaszy... the past is prologue!  "This is the Way the World Ends") (

'Mech Designs
JagdPanther (Panther with Thumper Artillery Cannon) (
Arturion (jumping Centurion with a Thumper) (
Thumpback (Hunchback with a Thumper) (
Marik Civil War Special Hunchback (Blazer Cannon!) (
AC/2 Rifleman (
Thumper Artillery Cannon Archer (
Small Laser Battery Archer (
Dervish Blackjack (Mediums and Armor instead of SRM-2s) (
Budget Wasp (15 tons, Commercial Armor, RL-10) (
Small Laser Griffin (
Chicken Hawk Scout Hunter (
SnACback, a Hunchback with a Sniper Artillery Cannon in 3014 (
LTAC Zeus in 3015, with a 3022+ variant with Prototype Freezers (
WVR-6DT, a Davion Wolverine with a Thumper Cannon and DHS (
DRG-1T, a Dragon with a Thumper Cannon in 3015 (

Aerospace Designs (some with deck plans)
Lucifer R21 Upgrade (3054 with ALL the Small Lasers) (
Manatee 'Mech Carrier Deck Plans (
Mark VII Landing Craft (and Egret variant) Deck Plans (
Quickzell Dropship with Main Bay Deck Plan (
Pack Burro "ASF" (for Worktroll) (
Lothian TRB-D39 Thunderbird Variant (
Cheap 5-ton Conventional Fighter (
LLS Light Guard (modified Aquila for Vehrec's game) (!/msg1695227/#msg1695227)

Combat Vehicle Designs
PPC Scorpion (
An upgraded PPC Scorpion (
Medium (15 ton) APCs (
Hobgoblin (AC/20 Goblin, plus other variants and ART by Plog!) (
Royal Goblin (Fusion powered Star League design) (
SLDF Goblin (Fusion powered, but no "advanced" tech) (
Fuel Cell Goblin (for Giovanni Blasini) (
Edge of Tomorrow Quad Tilt Rotor PA(L) Carrier (
Lothian J. Edgar Variants (
Sea Wolf (15 ton sub) (
Damascene Scimitar (Thumper Artillery Cannon) (
Hisan IFV (Saracen/Scimitar/Saladin family) (
Sutra (Blazer Saladin) (
Qaws (AA Scimitar) (
Onager SP Thumper (Wheeled) (
LTAC Hover Tank (
Mini-StuG (Heavy Wheeled APC w/Thumper Artillery Cannon) (
Micro-StuG (15-ton, 3/5 Thumper Artillery Cannon) (!/)
Pole Cat (Fusion Ferret) (

Battle Armor Designs
Nighthawk PA(L) Variants (
My response to Cannonshop's design challenge that resulted in the Wild Hunt (BA mounted on quad BA) (

What if KF Physics didn't make Fusion drives magical? (
Alternate Small Craft Design Rules (
Jump Core Diameter Discussion (
VTOLs on the Low Altitude Map (
Fan Fiction Tribble #725: More Taurian than Taurians (!/msg1756799/#msg1756799)
Shrapnel Links on DriveThruRPG (

Other People's Useful Stuff
Worktroll's 3025 Successor State Army Reports (!/)