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Author Topic: Lancelot Mk VI Sniper Rifle  (Read 949 times)


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Lancelot Mk VI Sniper Rifle
« on: 02 September 2021, 18:28:30 »
Despite the long success of the Lancelot Mk V, the Rabid Foxes of House Davion's MI6 organization needed something more.  The first design requirement was for ammunition compatibility with the infamous Federated Barret M42B.  This rechambering required little more than a barrel change, but enough to prevent barrels being swapped between the two weapons without the intervention of a gunsmith.  The second requirement took a bit more work.  Adding a reliable three-round burst capability proved trickier, but doable, and didn't even require a change of optics to maintain the Lancelot's accuracy.

Equipment Rating: C/X-X-D/E
AP/BD: 4B/5
Range: 125/250/500/1000
Shots: 12
Cost/Reload: 500/3
Mass/Reload: 6.5kg/72g
Notes: +3 to Attack Roll Modifier at M/L/E Ranges [only applies at AToW scale]; Burst: 3

TW Range: 4/8/12
TW Damage: 0.45

Damage from a Rabid Fox Squad with 5xM42Bs and 2xLancelot Mk VIs: (5 x 1.02) + (2 x 0.45) = 6 at 4/8/12 range with the Heavy Burst special, and -3 target number to hit at 0 hex range.  Damage from a full Rabid Fox Jump Platoon: 18.  For a Foot Platoon: 24.
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Re: Lancelot Mk VI Sniper Rifle
« Reply #1 on: 16 October 2021, 09:23:15 »
The recent Tech Manual errata reduces the damage of the squad and platoons to:
Squad: 4
Jump Platoon: 12
Foot Platoon: 16

They still have 4/8/12 range and the Heavy Burst special (twice, actually... ::)).