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Author Topic: Missiles & Rockets, BT and Real life  (Read 1104 times)

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Missiles & Rockets, BT and Real life
« on: 30 August 2021, 18:09:17 »
Based on this post, I am compiling a list of various BT missiles and rockets, and comparing their masses compared to various real-life missiles and rockets.  This is to provide the ability to make a rough comparison between existing munitions, new munitions, and how they compare to real-life weaponry of similar mass.

BT weapon data has been sourced from sarna and MML, real-life weapons have a URL linking them to the location where I found the data.  I am not using home designs for this list, to prevent someone from designing an ultra-light ASF with a fusion engine (regular, Light, XL, or XXL) with drone controls to serve as a ramming drone.

M72 LAW: 1.8kg/ (rocket only)
RPG-7 - lightest munition: 2 kg/
RPG-22: 2.8 kg/
MRM @ 240 missiles per ton: 4.167 kg/
RPG-7 - heaviest munition: 4.5 kg/
Elias nuclear package, from Interstellar Ops: 5 kg/ (no propulsion capability so it should not qualify, but it is a nuclear payload)
M153 SMAW: 5.85 kg/ (13.39kg loaded, 7.54 kg empty)
Bazooka: 6.2 kg/ (rocket only)
AT4: 6.7 kg/ (the AT4-CS is 8 kg/, but includes additional backblast reduction for Confined Space usage)
M141 Bunker Defeat Munition: 7.1 kg/
M-8 Stalin Organ rocket: 8kg/
LRM @ 120 missiles per ton: 8.33 kg/
Folding-Fin Rocket: 9.3 kg/
SRM @ 100 missiles per ton: 10 kg/
Stinger missile: 10.1 kg/
SRM or Ext-LRM @ 90 missiles per ton: 11.1 kg/
Hydra rocket w/warhead: 10.1kg-13.9kg/
4.5 inch rocket (WW2 tech): 13 kg/
ATM & Improved ATM @ 63 missiles per ton: 15.87 kg/missile (ATM-9; iATM-9)
Javelin missile: 15.9 kg/ (missile in launch tube, missile is lighter)
ATM & Improved ATM@ 60 missiles per ton: 16.67 kg/missile (ATM-3, 6, 12; iATM-3, -6, -12))
M-8 rocket (WW2 technology): 17 kg/
RP-3 rocket (WW2 technology): 17.2 kg/
TOW Missile: 18.9 kg/
M-16 rocket: 19.3 kg/
Griffin (aka baby surface-to-surface missile): 20 kg/
M55 115 mm rocket: 26 kg/ (4.5 kg warhead)
7.2 inch demolition rocket (WW2 tech): 28 kg/
Mattress rocket (WW2 tech): 30.5 kg/
Mech Mortar @ 32 munitions/ton (Mech Mortar/8): 31.25 kg/ (added as they have a semi-guided mode, though to me they should be classified as part of the ballistic weapons)
Mech Mortar @ 24 munitions/ton (Mech Mortar/1, /2, and /4): 41.67 kg/ (added as they have a semi-guided mode, though to me they should be classified as part of the ballistic weapons)
M-13 Stalin Organ rocket: 42.5kg/
Hellfire anti-tank missile: 47 kg/
Rocket Launcher/10: 50 kg/ (this includes part of the launch rack, so the mass of just the rocket is unknown)
Zuni rocket w/warhead: 56.1 kg/
Rocket Launcher/15: 66.67 kg/ (this includes part of the launch rack, so the mass of just the rocket is unknown)
Rolling Airframe Missile - 73.5 kg/, mass-launchable SAM
Rocket Launcher/20: 75 kg/ (this includes part of the launch rack, so the mass of just the rocket is unknown)
Thunderbolt-5: 83.33kg/
Sidewinder missile: 85.3 kg/
M-31 Stalin Organ rocket: 92.4kg/
Paveway laser guidance add-on for dumb bombs: 300 lbs or 136 kg/ (existing bomb was the 500-lb, final version masses 800 lbs)
Thunderbolt-10 or NARC missile beacon: 166.67kg/
Arrow IV missile: 200 kg/
Maverick (initial design): 210 kg/
Sparrow missile: 230 kg/
Thunderbolt-15 or iNARC missile beacon or C3 Remote Sensor: 250kg/
MLRS artillery rocket: 301 kg/ (average)
Maverick (current version): 306 kg/
Thunderbolt-20: 333.33kg/
MGR-3 Little John: 350 kg/
HARM anti-radar missile: 355 kg/
Phoenix missile: 470 kg/
ASROC (original): 487 kg/
Light Air to Air Missiles: 500 kg/
AGM-84E Standoff Land Attack Missile: 627 kg/
ASROC (VLS-launched): 630 kg/
Harpoon Anti-shipping Missile: 691 kg/
Patriot Missile: 700 kg/
AGM-84H/K SLAM-ER: 725 kg/
THAAD anti-ballistic missile: 900kg/
Air to Air Arrow Missiles: 1,000 kg (1 ton)/ (also Air-launched Arrow Missiles)
BT's Davy Crockett - air carried: 1,000 kg (1 ton)/ (nuclear, so it deserved its own line)
MGM-18 Lacrosse: 1,000 kg/
AGM-69 SRAM: 1,010 kg/
AGM-158 JASSM: 1,021 kg/
AGM-158C LRASM: 1,100 kg/ (2,000 kg with booster)
BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile, aka Gryphon: 1,200 kg/
Tomahawk cruise missile w/out booster: 1,300 kg (1.3 tons)/
RIM-67 SAM: 1,350 kg (1.35 tons)/
AGM-86_ALCM: 1,430 kg/
RIM-161 SM-3 SAM: 1,500 kg (1.5 tons)/ (the one used to shoot down the satellite)
RIM-174 SM-6 SAM: 1,500 kg (1.5 tons)/ (uses a standard explosive warhead)
MGM-52 Lance: 1,527 kg/
Tomahawk cruise missile with booster: 1,600 kg (1.6 tons)/
The lesser-known MLRS rocket: 1,670 kg (1.67 tons)/
AGM-129 ACM (stealth?): 1,680+ kg/
RTV-A-2 Hiroc (among first US experimental ICBM: 1,860 kg/
Anti-Ship Missiles: 2,000 kg (2 tons)/ (also Anti-Ship Electronic Warfare Missile)
ITR-21 Tochka: 2,000 kg/ (ranges from 1800-2010 kg, warhead is 482 kg)
Luna-M unguided rocket: 2,500 kg/ (warhead is 420kg - 457 kg, CEP at range is up to 2.8 km long and 1.8 km wide)
Smallest orbit-capable rocket (4 kg payload to LEO): 2,600 kg
MGR-1 Honest John (can carry a 680 kg warhead): 2,640 kg/
BT's Davy Crockett - Infantry carried: 3,000 kg (3 tons)/
Sprint Anti-air missile: 3,500 kg/ (can reach a steady-path target at 18 miles up in under 15 seconds)
9k720 Iskander/SS-26 Stone: 3,800 kg/
AGM-28 Hound Dog: 4,603 kg/
MGM-31 Pershing: 4,661 kg/
BT's Alamo nuke: 5,000 kg (5 tons)/
MGM-1 Matador: 5,400 kg/
SSM-N-8 Regulus: 6,207 kg/
Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon: 7,400 kg/
Pershing II: 7,462 kg/
Piranha Sub-Capital Missile: 10 tons/
Hera Target missile: 11.3 tons/
Stingray Sub-Capital Missile: 12 tons/ (listed in MML as "Stringray Ammo")
MGM-134 Midgetman: 13.6 tons/
Swordfish Sub-Capital Missile: 15 tons/
Polaris Ballistic Missile: 16.2 tons/ (ballistic missile for dropping nukes)
Manta Ray Sub-Capital Missile: 18 tons/
SM-62 Snark: 21.84 tons/ w/out boosters (27 tons with boosters)
Cruise Missile-50: 25 tons/
PGM-11 Redstone: 27.763 tons/
Minuteman I: 29 tons/
UGM-73 Poseidon: 29.2 tons/
SM-64 Navaho: 29.42 tons/
Barracuda - 30 tons/
BT's 'Asset Management Weapon': 30 tons/
Minuteman II: 33 tons/
UGM-96 Trident I: 33.142 tons/
Cruise Missile-70: 35 tons/
Minuteman III: 36.03 tons/
White Shark - 40 tons/
BT's Santa Ana: 40 tons
Cruise Missile-90: 45 tons/
PGM-17 Thor: 49.59 tons/
PGM-19 Jupiter: 49.8 tons/
Killer Whale Missile: 50 tons/
Killer Whale Teleoperated Missile: 50 tons/
BT's Peacemaker: 50 tons
Trident sub-launched Ballistic Missile: 59 tons/
Cruise Missile-120: 60 tons/
LGM-118 Peacekeeper: 88.45 tons/
Kraken Missile: 100 tons/ (found it in MML)
HGM-25A Titan I: 105.14 tons/
SM-65 Atlas: 117.9 tons/
LGM-25C Titan II: 155 tons/
RS-28 Sarmat: 208.1 tons/

If edits need to be made or other missiles should be added to this list, please send them to me via PM so they can be added to this post.  If it gets too large, I will split it between two or more posts.  Items added will have large text incorporating an arrow pointing at them with the date they were added, and that notification will be removed after it has been there for a month.
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Re: Missiles & Rockets, BT and Real life
« Reply #1 on: 30 August 2021, 18:25:51 »
Excellent idea!  I expect this will become a fan rule resource going forward!  :thumbsup:


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Re: Missiles & Rockets, BT and Real life
« Reply #2 on: 30 August 2021, 19:54:55 »
Thanks to idea weenie for creating and offering to maintain the list.
I would like to port over one of my posts from the other thread, because I feel that the detailed weight distribution of specific components and the real life ranges might give some ideas for home designs. Since I only have details for a limited selection of designs, adding them directly to the list would clutter a lot of entries with "?"s.

Code: [Select]
M-8 M-13 M-31
In Service 1941 1941 1943
Calibre mm   82 132 300
Length mm 714 1415 1760
Mass, Rocket Body kg    *   14,1   28,7
Mass, Warhead kg    5,4   21,3   52,4
Mass, Explosive kg    0,6    4,9   28,8
Mass, at Cut-Off kg    6,8   35,4   81,1
Mass, Propellant kg    1,2    7,1   11,3
Mass, at Launch kg    8,0   42,5   92,4
Fraction, Propellant %   15,0   16,7   12,2
Fraction, Payload %    *   50,1   56,7
Velocity, at Cut-Off m/s 315 355 255
Max Range m 5500 8470 4300
*: Data not comparable because of different construction

All rockets are unguided.

Data is mostly from
Peter Stache: Sowjetische Raketen im Dienste von Wissenschaft und Verteidigung Militärverlag, Berlin1 1987
with percentages, translation and * added by me
1 Berlin (East), GDR
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Re: Missiles & Rockets, BT and Real life
« Reply #3 on: 31 August 2021, 03:26:51 »
How about the 'RIM-67/156 Standard', at 1350kg, roughly in the Air Defense Arrow range with more range than the 700ish kg RIM66/Harpoon which are more in the btech light anti-air missile range.

And then there is the Tomahawk, at 1600kg, for cruise missile range but only 10ish damage with a 450kg payload bomb (compared to the standard btech HE bomb).

EDIT: There is also the air launched battletech nuclear anti-ship/anti-ground missile with 2 points of capital armor and a nice -2 to hit in atmosphere, the 5000 kg Alamo.  I am guessing the higher density of this missile is due to the capital armor it mounts.  The real world closest analog would be the 3500 kg sprint missile, which was also a nuclear warhead designed to intercept ICBMs in the atmosphere, perhaps with the same -2 to hit due to being a nuclear warhead in atmosphere.
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