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Author Topic: Precise LOS (house rules)  (Read 646 times)

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Precise LOS (house rules)
« on: 09 July 2021, 11:27:17 »
Back in the day I played a ton of tournaments for miniature games (as I'm sure many on these forums have also).  Due to the competitive nature of these events, people want to win and despite best intentions, players in these highly competitive situations will often not agree upon whether an attacker can see less than 1/3 or more than 2/3's of a target.  Thus, it is my opinion that True Line-of-Sight (as well as Practical LOS) can break down in these situations.  Additionally, trying to get an eye-ball view from an attacker can often be challenging with the angles involved and slows down play.

To solve these problems, my gaming group have developed "Precise LOS" rules.  I am presenting them here to solicit feedback and to offer them up to the community in case any would like to try them.  These rules borrow heavily from the "converting to hex" rules (p. 68-70).

----------<begin rules>-------------

Precise LOS

Typical Heights (all heights cumulative - e.g. mech atop hill-2 = height 4)
        Units:  Mechs 2, Protomechs/Infantry/Vehicles 1
        Terrain: Woods 2, Buildings/Hills <varies>, Water -<varies>
Trace LOS from middle to middle of units
Terrain is intervening if equal/higher than both or either if that unit is w/in 1" of terrain
Intervening terrain blocks LOS if hills, buildings, woods (6"), or water (above vs. below)
Mech w/in 1" of building/hill receives partial cover if ...
        * LOS traced through this terrain that is 1 height lower & attacker not higher, or
        * LOS would be blocked but can be traced partially to any part of target's base

----------<end rules>-------------

In our experience, the above rules speeds up game play, eliminates arguments related to partial cover and LOS, and allows for easier use of terrain which may not always be best suited for true line of sight.

Your thoughts and feedback warmly welcomed.  :D
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Captain Punka

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Re: Precise LOS (house rules)
« Reply #1 on: 13 July 2021, 11:23:15 »
I was hoping the rules designers might consider incorporating these rules for all the reasons stated.  But instead it looks like these ideas are being banished to far reaches of these forums.  :( 

On the other hand, it looks like this topic did not generate any interest, so I should probably assume that everyone is very happy with true LOS and I am in the minority.