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Author Topic: Spacer Life Stage 4 Module  (Read 612 times)


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Spacer Life Stage 4 Module
« on: 09 April 2022, 06:39:02 »
Working on spacer characters, I've found Civilian Job really doesn't fit (Drive/what exactly?).  So here's my shot at a "Civilian Job" module that works for ship or space station crew.

Spacer Life

You may not carry a weapon, or hold the fate of worlds in your
hand, but you earn a living, and it’s honest work to boot. Whether
you’re a merchant marine, customs inspector, a humble space station
resident, or a space dock worker, you are part of the vast
infrastructure that keeps your planetary system and society running—
even if you occasionally daydream about something more…
Module Cost: 600 XP
Prerequisites: None. Clan characters from any non-warrior
caste except Scientist and Dark Caste may use this module.
Time: +6 years
Fixed XPs: [Skills] Administration (+50 XP), Career/Any Non-Military
(+40 XP), Computers (+40 XP), Interest/Any (+50 XP),
Language/Any (+50 XP), Leadership (+40 XP), Negotiation (+30 XP),
Protocol/Affiliation (+50 XP), Zero-G Operations (+75 XP), +80 total
additional XP (+20 XP to any four Skills in the character’s chosen
career Field—if character has no Field, treat as additional flexible XP)
Flexible XPs: +95 XP